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Wisdom Chi Kung

Wisdom Chi Kung coverLower the mind, fill the Tan Tien with Chi. This practice teaches the art of meditation and physical rejuvenation. Opening the brain to be filled with the knowledge of the Universe, by increasing our own mental capacity. Wisdom Chi Kung is a simple and highly effective method which prepares the mind for higher levels of Universal Tao knowledge. A New Approach to Healing In combination with Universal Tao healing systems such as the Inner Smile, Laughing Chi Kung and Chi Nei Tsang, Wisdom Chi Kung prepares the practitioner for increased understanding of how to heal the body with an empty mind. Techniques for Increasing Mental Alertness, Memory, Clarity and the Ability to Maintain this for a Lifetime Meditation that will connect with the Universe Unlike other meditations Wisdom Chi Kung teaches to connect with the universal energies, expand our awareness out, but charge the body with this energy, not to loose sight of the physical realm. It is essential to maintain a healthy connection with our bodies, and Wisom Chi Kung is one way of doing this.