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Stem Cell Chi Kung

Stem Cell Chi Kung dvdMore than 5000 years the Taoist Masters discovered that our body has a marvelous regenerating, repairing & rebuilding power. By gentle and gradually applying hitting on the body parts and vital organs, the old, sick and damaged cells will be completely broken up and fall out. The body will then send its resources to repair them, but only when damage occur. The bodies sends its own Stem Cells to repair and regenerate the skin, organs, glands and all the body parts.

"Stem cells have been found in a wide variety of adult tissues including the brain, liver, pancreas, and bone marrow. Already, researchers have coaxed stem cells from adult bone marrow into becoming nerve cells that could treat conditions ranging from paralysis to Alzheimer's disease. Stem cells extracted from the patient's own bone marrow are less likely to be rejected than neural cells from foreign sources. [Journal of Neuroscience Research (July 31, 2000)]"

With this understanding, we can see old wisdom being confirmed by cutting edge science.