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Re-Programming Your Negative Emotions

Re-Programming Your Negative Emotions dvdIn this ground breaking DVD Master Mantak Chia explains in a very simple step by step approach how to re-program the negative emotions we all can carry around in side of us.

Negative emotions can be hidden deep within us. Inside these negative emotions wait, like time bombs, until another external experience causes them to be triggered, and we end up repeating and re-experiencing the same bad memory's over and over again.

The negative emotions, bad memories and traumas are most often stored in the internal organs just waiting to be released and transformed. Master Chi shows you how to get in touch and feel these negative emotions. By using a serious of special eye movements and using the powerful Inner Smile Meditation, shows anyone how to delete these negative emotions and replace them with life force Chi.

This extra energy can then be directed into health, well being and further spiritual development.