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Morning Exercise with Walter Kellenberger

Walter Kellenberger is born in Switzerland on December 31st, 1950. It is now more than 20 years that he and his wife Jutta learned the practices of Healing Tao. They where trained personally by Taoist Master Mantak Chia for many years in Europe, USA and Thailand. Gradually the daily life became more aligned to the basis of the Taoist teaching and became its calling.

The title of senior instructor followed and the decision to offer courses worldwide came along. At the same time Walter teaches since 10 years on the side of Master Chia at Tao Garden, Thailand.

Tao Garden became his second home and his personal development is always up to date with Master Chia's teaching. Walter's quite nature and his Swiss charm allows him to pass on even delicate subjects with smiling eyes to the participants. In the course of many years of teaching and answering many questions he learned to pass on the essence of the Universal Healing Tao system in a compact and practical way. Participants of both gender and any age receive a profound tool, which is of great effect but easy to realize. Wouldn't he be of modest temperament he could say: my courses have a guaranty of success especially when he teaches from man to man.

For more information for Walter's workshop please visit www.taoyoga.info

Morning Exercise with Walter Kellenberger

This DVD provide of morning exercises guided by Walter Kellenberger. The exercises are Tai Chi Push: Moving the Body as One Unit-integrating the standing practice into a moving form.