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Morning Exercise with Master Chia

Morning Exercise with Master Chia dvd This DVD provides Morning Exercises guided by Master Chia. The exercises are as follows:

  • Open the Door of Life
  • Open the Spinal Vertebrae-Front, Back, and Sideways
  • Open the Hips and Sacrum/Coccyx
  • Open All the Joints of the Body-so Chi can get in
  • Stretch the Tendons-"Find the Straight in the Curve"
  • Crane Neck and Turtle Neck-activating the Cranial Pump
  • Empty Force Breath: This involves rolling the abdominal organs and drawing the diaphragm up in to the rib cage while holding the breath out. On the inhalation, use the vacuum suction created in the abdomen to draw oxygen and Chi directly into the whole digestive system. This exercise also clears stagnant Chi out of the intestinal tract.
  • Iron Shirt Chi Kung Postures: This practice also includes rooting practice, which may be done with a partner. The postures are the following:
    • Embracing the Tree
    • Turtle and Water Buffalo Emerging from the Water
    • Tai Chi Push: Moving the Body as One Unit-integrating the standing practice into a moving form
    • Holding the Golden Urn
    • Practicing Against a Wall
    • Opening the T5/T6 Point