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Cup-Bells tuned to planetary tones.

289,44 hz
578,88 hz
You can test planetary tones by click below

Mars 289,44 hz  
Mars 578,88 hz  
Jupiter 367,16 hz
Venus 442,46 hz
planet size wave price
Mercury (low pitch) 15 cm. dia. 282,54 hz EUR 169,-
10,5 cm. dia.
442,46 hz EUR 124,-
Mars (low pitch) 15 cm. dia. 289,44 hz EUR 169,-
Jupiter 12 cm. dia. 367,16 hz EUR 137,-
Saturn (low pitch) 15 cm. dia. 295,70 hz EUR 169,-
Mercury (high pitch) 9 cm. dia. 565,08 hz EUR 107,-
Mars (high pitch) 9 cm. dia. 578,88 hz EUR 107,-
Saturn (high pitch) 9 cm. dia. 591,40 hz EUR 107,-

- all bells are with cushion and mallet

- all frequency calculations are according to the swiss freelance scientist and author Hans Cousto, as described in his book "the cosmic octave"

- the above prices include german VAT 19% and the shipment within Germany.

For shipment to other countries:

Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark add 3,- EUR
Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland add 4,- EUR
Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Great Britain, France add 8,- EUR
Italy and Hungary add 9,- EUR
Estonia, Croatia, Spain, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway add 15,- EUR
Ireland, Portugal, Rumania, Finnland, Bulgaria add 22,- EUR

Special notes:

- bells are generally shipped by parcel service, to some countires by post package.
- at the receiving address there should be someone present workdays 9-5
- it is not possible to ship to a P.O. box
- the telephone number of the recipient is required
- shipping charges to other countries available upon request

For more information or buy the cup bell please contact universaltao@universal-tao.com