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Minerals are essential to the human baby in an ionic/water-soluble form. Dr. Henry Schroeder, M.D., Ph.D., of Dartmouth College said, "Your mineral needs are even more important than your vitamin needs, since your body cannot make minerals". Our bodies not only need minerals found in large quantities (such as magnesium), they also need many trace minerals (such as chromium, zinc and selenium). Medical science has proven beyond any doubt the body can absorb essential minerals in the mineral form far more rapidly than pill, powder, colloidal or any other form. Before now, the only way for the body to get minerals was from:

1)   Food; in an Ionic/Water Soluble from (seldom providing enough unless consumed large quantities)

2)   Capsules or tablets; available on the market (virtually ineffective)

3)  Colloidal mineral waters; (not truly absorbable or useable by the human body as minerals are in particles and are not water-soluble)

What is the difference between Ionic/Water-Soluble and Colloidal Minerals?
We believe the criteria for proper utilization and absorption of all minerals is dependent on the size and absorbency of the mineral. A mineral in a colloidal suspension does not insure that it will be absorbed. A colloidal particle is a mineral between the molecules. Copper found in water coming from copper pipes is an example of a mineral in colloidal form. In this form, most minerals are toxic and can cause major health problems. When testing a colloid, you can shine a beam of light or laser through the suspension. When doing this, you will see the particles. This is known as the "Tyndall Effect". WaterOz Mineral Solutions have ionic minerals bonding with the molecules and no Tyndall Effect. We believe when minerals are truly in solution form and are water-soluble; they are superior to colloidal products. In the natural world, plants take the metallic particles (colloids) from the soil, (which our bodies cannot use) and change them into an ionic/water soluble form, (which the cells can use). No physical machine, leaching (soaking), or any other means could produce particles so small until now. A very technical, revolutionary new process makes WaterOz Mineral Waters; and the result is simply 999.99% pure water-soluble minerals in pure water. Most mineral products we tested, sold on the market, make a variety of claims.   We found these products tasted bad or had some form of matter growing/floating in the bottle and/or had a distinct acidic/vinegar taste. Upon checking the pH levels of these products, we found most had an extremely acidic condition. Adding vinegar or other acids in the leaching process could only cause this. In fact, we found most products we tested did not have the minerals claimed but seemed to have a color, which was not derived from the minerals therein.

How did WaterOz Mineral Water begin?
A man by the name of David Hinkson founded WaterOz. His motivation for learning about health was from health problems he experienced early in childhood. He discovered colloidal mineral waters. After learning to make his own colloidals, he discovered they worked only moderately in some cases. In other cases (as with copper), they were actually very toxic. When he discovered some of the colloids were toxic, he thought, "There had to be a better, more efficient and healthier way to make mineral products". He began to experiment with different processes.   Through his diligence and experimentation, he devised the revolutionary process of turning pure minerals into water-soluble solutions he could suspend in aqueous solutions.

How are WaterOz Mineral Waters made?
A highly technical process turns pure minerals into an ionic/water-soluble solution making WaterOz Mineral Waters. The water used for the suspension is drawn from a subterranean spring for purification, processed by reverse-osmosis, and treated with ozone gas before the mineral solution is added to produce the finished product. It's unfortunate all kinds of illnesses and disorders are due to lack of one or a combination of mineral deficiencies. David's continuing motivations are the health issues today. Dave's focus is to help others who are suffering from illness and to prevent others from becoming ill.

What is Ozone?
Ozone, with the chemical formula 03, is comprised of three atoms of oxygen. It is one of nature's basic elements. Ozone is produced in nature when the ultraviolet rays of the sun strike oxygen molecules. Ozone can be produced "as is" with the sun, using a quartz crystal lamp, using a wavelength of 180 nano-meters. This method of producing ozone does not produce nitric acid or NOX by-products. The ozone is negatively charged, promoting a general feeling of well being. The WaterOz ozonator is a quartz crystal type of ozone machine. Nature also produces ozone each time lightning flashes. The smell after a thunderstorm is ozone. Ozone machines using high voltage to make ozone are patterned in this fashion. If ozone is produced with high voltages without a pure oxygen supply, dangerous nitric acid and NOX gases can be produced. High voltage ozone is also positively charged. This causes depression and a tired condition. Ozone is active oxygen, one of nature's very special elements. It is a natural purifier. Just as nature uses ozone to protect life on earth, we can use ozone to protect ourselves from microorganisms in the water and air. At the same time, we can enjoy soft, sparkling, clean water naturally, and clean, fresh air without any perfume cover-up.

Some of the Benefits of Using Ozone: WaterOz's portable ozonator (generator) effectively eliminates odors in your home or business. This portable purifier allows for easy carriage from room to room, effectively treating one room at a time, the whole house or office (Larger spaces require a longer time to ozonate). Ozone kills organic bacteria, viruses and smoke in the air, eliminating the odors they create. It is also cost-effective, at pennies per day.

Ozone Treatment of Food and Cooking Utensils
Since ozone kills bacteria and viruses, it can help aid in the destruction of salmonella bacteria found on utensils after contact with raw chicken or similar foods. In fact, soaking chicken parts in clean water treated with ozone prior to cooking may help retard the growth of salmonella. Shelf life of fruits and vegetable can be extended by ozone treatment. Not only will they keep a more attractive appearance, but they will also taste fresher! Lettuce and apples can be kept from turning brown by filling the sink with water, placing the produce into the water and ozonating the water for 15 minutes. For utensils, rinse off the food debris and treat in clean water with ozone for 15 minutes.

Emergency Bottled Water
Ozone will clean water that has been stagnant or stale tasting for an extended period. Ozone will remove chlorine from city water, making the water more palatable. To purify water, lower the dispenser into the water and treat for about 15 minutes per gallon. If bacteria are suspected, allow one-hour minimum per gallon.

WaterOz Body Alkalizer

Body Alkalizer is essentially a form of liquid; when added to water will change the value thereof to an alkaline. The basis behind this is to reverse aging that occurs in the body because of the accumulation of non-disposed waste in the system. Since waste products are carried out by the blood and disposed of in a liquid form, drinking the proper kind of water is a definite must. Alkaline water works on a cellular level. Meaning; it causes the waste products (accumulated in the cell) to be removed from the system via perspiration or urine. It also raises your own pH Levels, bringing your body to a more alkalized and healthier state. Water is a strong solvent. It sustains and even protects life. It carries essential minerals through the body, supplying our cells with the necessary nutrients we so desperately need. It is essential in every aspect of our lives. Because of this, getting the right type of water is vital. Many assume the more pure the water, the better. The truth is "pure" (distilled) water is dead. Nothing can live in it, if taken long enough it will leach out valuable minerals from the body such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. What is more important is the right type of water. What is exactly the right type of water? The answer is alkaline. A few drops of the Body Alkalizer in a glass of milk neutralizes the lactic acid, making it lactose intolerant to consume milk products.

*Boron Mineral Water (30+ppm / 0.15mg per teaspoon / 0 4.5mg per tablespoon)
Boron is essential to bone metabolism and calcification of bones. Research indicates that Osteoporosis, Arthritis and Tooth Decay can be prevented with boron. The parathyroid secretes a hormone that helps bones to grow; it contains more boron than any other part of the body. Boron is necessary for cartilage formation and repair; it affects calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus levels. Memory and brain function can be improved with boron. Boron plays a role in regulating the hormones, especially estrogen. A deficiency can cause weak and fragile cell walls. Some research shows that boron improves libido.

Below is a list of conditions we believe WaterOz's "Boron" may be helpful with:

Arthritis                 Brittle                  Bones                  Carpal Tunnel                 Degenerative Joint Disease
Hormonal              Imbalance            Loss of Libido       Memory Loss
Muscle Pain          Osteoporosis        Receding Gums     Weak Cartilage

Calcium Mineral Water 1000+ppm / 5.0mg per teaspoon / 15.0mg per tablespoon)
Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. A man weighing 150 pounds contains approximately 3 lb., 12oz. of calcium in his body. Calcium is one of the first elements in the body to go out of balance when the diet is inadequate. Calcium is used in forming bones (also known as bone mineralization), and in the proper formation and maintenance of teeth, which is also important in nerve impulse transmission, blood coagulation and muscle contraction. Vitamin D (sunshine) and magnesium are essential to the proper absorption and assimilation of calcium. Calcium is required for the release of energy for muscular contraction. It mediates the transport function of cell and organelle membranes. It also affects the release of neurotransmitters at synaptic junctions, and mediates the synthesis, secretion and metabolic effects of hormones and enzymes. Calcium also helps regulate muscle tone, muscle receptiveness to nerve stimulation and the regulation of the heartbeat. Calcium is an alkaline, (positive mineral that has a powerful attraction for oxygen). Other elements which calcium readily associates are: sulfur, silicon and carbon. Calcium, until recently, has only been available in a compound (if not derived from the diet). Compounds require enzyme function to break the molecules apart so the body can use single molecules of calcium, (the building blocks of the body). Some more common compounds are silicates, phosphates, carbonates, nitrates, sulfates, chlorides, hydroxides, fluorides and oxides. Common colloids are calcium phosphate and calcium fluoride. WaterOz Calcium Mineral Water is made of 99.8 pure calcium in water-soluble form readily available for assimilation by the human body. Calcium also heightens pH in the body, making it more alkaline, therefore, enhancing the immune response as viruses and bacterium die in an alkaline environment.

Below is a list of conditions we believe WaterOt's "Calcium'' may be helpful with:

ADD/ADHD                        Bell's Palsy                            Cramps/Twitches
          Hypertension                       Insomnia                              Ostemalacia
          Panic Attacks                       Receding Gums                    Tetan

*Chromium Mineral Water (300+ppm / 1. 5mg per teaspoon / 4. 5mg per tablespoon)
Chromium is an essential mineral required in the maintenance of our health. Chromium is a trace element, essential to the metabolism of lipids {cholesterol), glucose, and insulin regulation. Chromium is involved in the production of insulin and the release of glucose's energy from cells. Chromium is referred to as the master regulator of insulin, (a potent metabolic hormone involved in protein, carbohydrates and fat metabolism). Weight loss is promoted when chromium is taken as the insulin regulation promotes T3, (the thyroid hormone that increases the rate of the body's ability to burn calories), and serotonin, (a neurotransmitter controlling appetite and curbs cravings for sugar). Chromium deficiencies are characterized by a variety of clinical diseases and shortened life span. Currently the average American diet does not contain sufficient amounts of chromium because of the depletion of vital minerals in our soil. Chromium deficient diseases are aggravated by vanadium deficiency.  It is estimated by scientists that 90% of Americans don't get enough chromium and 60% are diabetic or hypoglycemic. Chromium is excreted in urine and sugar increases the rate of chromium loss by 300% in 24 hours. Therefore, it is necessary to replace chromium daily. Engaging in strenuous exercise can also deplete chromium levels. Chromium is an essential nutrient in bringing balance to the body. Chromium works best if taken before meals to help stabilize blood sugar levels. Chromium drastically effects body fat by activating insulin. Chromium levels decrease with age and it is important to replace chromium on a daily basis.  One of chromium's main functions is to regulate sugar metabolism. Even if sugar is absent from your diet, chromium is necessary because foods are eventually reduced to simple glucose. The widespread tendency to consume high glycemic foods, sugar and refined carbohydrates results in chromium loss and depletion of chromium stores. Our product is water-soluble (ionic). Pure chromium is absorbable at the cellular level and is not a picolinate. Contrary to common belief, chromium picolinate is not the best form of chromium. Experts agree picolinic acid binds so tightly with chromium, it prevents physiological activity at the cellular level. Picolinate has not been shown to cause weight loss and its ability to improve insulin effectiveness is questionable. We believe since our product is absorbable at the cellular level, it will prove to be the best and most effective form of chromium.

Below is a list of conditions we believe WalerOz's "Chromium" may be helpful with:

ADD/ADHD                                                          Aortic Cholesterol Plaque
Bi-Polar Disease                                                  Coronary Disease
Depression                                                          Diabetes
Elevated Blood Cholesterol                                    Elevated Blood Triglycerides
Hyperactivity                                                        Hyper-lnsulinemia
Hyperirritability                                                    Impaired Growth
Infertility and Decreased Sperm Count                   Learning Disabilities
Low Blood Sugar                                                  Manic Depression
Negative Nitrogen Balance (protein toss)               Obesity
Peripheral Neuropathy                                         Pre-Diabetes
Shortened Life Span

Cobalt Mineral Water (200+ppm / 1.0mg per teaspoon / 3.0mg per tablespoon)
Cobalt is an essential mineral, although the body only needs a small amount. Research indicates that cobalt helps repair the myelin sheath, pernicious anemia, and the building of red blood cells. Enzymes are stimulated by cobalt. Cobalt and Vitamin B-12 work together in the body to increase the body's ability to absorb vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-12 is found mostly in meat and dairy products, which vegetarians do not consume.

Below is a list of conditions we believe WaterOz 's "Cobalt" may be helpful with:

Digestive Disorders                  Fatigue                         Myelin Sheath Damage                  Nerve Damage
                                             Pernicious Anemia         Poor Circulation                           Slow Growth Rate

*Copper Mineral Water (90+ppm / 0.45mg per teaspoon / 1.35mg per tablespoon)
Copper is usually found in foods containing iron. The liver and brain contain the largest amounts of copper in the human body. However, other organs contain smaller amounts. Copper is classified as an essential mineral since copper deficiencies can produce various symptoms. If the body does not acquire a sufficient amount of copper, hemoglobin production is decreased and "copper deficiency anemia" can result. Insufficient amounts of copper may lead to inefficient utilization of iron and protein, diarrhea and stunted growth. Various enzyme reactions require copper. Long-term use of oral contraceptives may upset the balance of copper in the body, causing excessively high cholesterol levels. For the body to work properly it must maintain the proper balance of copper and zinc. Imbalance can lead to thyroid problems. In addition, low/high copper levels can be found in persons with mental and emotional problems. People have used WaterOz Copper Mineral Water topically for many different skin conditions, as well as for problems deep inside the muscles and tendons, and for joint problems such as arthritis, bursitis and rheumatism. Taken internally, 1/2 to one teaspoon per day can circulate to all parts of the body.

Below is a list of conditions we believe WaterOz's "Copper" may be helpful with:

Allergies                                                Anemia
Aneurysms                                            Arthritis
Cerebral Palsy                                       Hypoplasiea of the Cerebellum
Gulf War Syndrome                               Hair (Dry, Gray or White)
Hernias                                                High Blood Cholesterol
Hypo/Hyper-Thyroid                              Iron Storage Disease
Kawasaki Disease                                Liver Cirrhosis
Neutropema                                        Parasites
Reduced Glucose Tolerance                 Ruptured Disc
Vancose Veins                                   Violent Behavior (Blind Rage,Explosive Outbursts, Criminal Behavior)

EPN Mineral Water (Enzyme Phyto-Nutrient)
EPN complex is a patent pending Enzyme Phyto-Nutrient from a plant source providing enzyme and saccharides necessary for optimal cellular communication. No combination of vitamins, mineral amino acids or herbals provides total Enzyme Supplementation. Protein and carbohydrates are chief components of the human body. Throughout history, food has provided these building blocks. However, scientists are still learning functions specific nutritional food components play in this process. As recently as this century, benefits of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytochemicals were discovered. Enzyme Phyto-Nutrients have been demonstrated to be effective in supporting the immune system. Studies were conducted to determine the effects of Phyto-Nutrients dietary supplementation had on a variety of infections. Evidence suggests Phyto-Nutrient molecules mediate most of the communication occurring between the 100 trillion or so cells of the human body. Incomplete or poorly formed Phyto-Nutrient molecules can result in defective cell messages. Breast-fed infants are known to have increased resistance to middle ear infections as well as other childhood illnesses. While human milk contains high concentrations of Phyto-Nutrients, animal milks vary in combinations and amounts.

Phyla-Nutrients have been tested in:

Alcohol Craving                                                  Anger Control
Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder                Autistic Children
Behavior Modification                                          Benign Mucous Membrane Pemphigus
Candida Albicans                                               Canker Sores
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome                                  Cold Sores or Fever Blisters
Coxsacle Viruses                                                Decrease the need for medications
Depression                                                         Diabetes
Mellitus Dyslexia                                                 Enhanced Gluathione Levels
Fibromyalgia                                                      Hepatitis C
Immune function                                                Inflammation
Inflammatory Diseases of the Heart                     Inflammatory Diseases of the Pancreas
Liver Enzyme Serum Changes                             Lupus
Menopause                                                       Myofaclal pain Syndrome
Oral Mucosal Disease                                        Osteo-Arthntis
Periodontal Disease                                           Positive Outlook
Protein from Chemically Initiated                         Glutathione Depletion
Respiratory Air Flow in asthmatics                       Tay-Sachs Disease
Temper                                                           Tissue Disorder*

*Germanium Mineral Water (50+ppm / 0.25mg per teaspoon / 0.75mg per tablespoon)
Germanium is an element structured to act as a semiconductor as it accepts and transmits electrons. A German scientist, Clemens Winkler discovered this in 1886 (obtaining the name. Germanium). It is closely related to the elements, carbon and silica. In human biology, germanium is highly efficient as an intracellular electrical impulse initiator. It helps correct distortions in the electrical aggregate of the human body and is a metallic cofactor for oxygen utilization. Germanium is necessary for the optimum nutrition of the human body. This element is amazing as it raises the level of activity of various organs, enabling them to attract more oxygen. Germanium is responsible for providing more oxygen to the body as well as expelling harmful pollutants and pathogens or rendering them harmless. "The 'holy waters' at Lourdes, known world wide for their healing properties contains large amounts of germanium". Dr. Joel Wallach, Rare Earth's. Germanium is necessary to maintain a strong immune system. Dr. Azuhiko Asai, of Tokyo, Japan, discovered the nutritional properties of germanium. He was able to connect the healing properties of certain herbs to relatively high levels of germanium. Germanium is known to enhance the immune system by stimulating production of natural killer cells and T-suppresser cells. Researchers in Russia found germanium could be attributed to anti-cancer activity. Germanium is still being researched for all its possible supplementary applications. Due to the life giving oxygen that germanium brings to the body it is believed, this alone is a major part of why it is such a dynamic element germanium deficiencies are typified by severely reduced immune status, arthritis, osteoporosis, low energy and cancer. Many naturopathic physicians are using germanium with individuals that have serious illnesses requiring an increased oxygen level in the body.

Below is a list a/conditions we believe WaterOz's "Germanium" may be helpful with:

Asthma                                                          Hepatic Cirrhosis                       Myoma of the Uterus
Cancer (Breast, Funs Larynx, Bladder)               Hypertension                             Nephrite
Inflammation of Maxillary Smut                          Neuralgia                                 Cardiac Insufficiency
Neurotic Disorders                                          Diabetes                                    Leukemia
Softening of Brain Tissue

*Gold Mineral Water (75+ppfn / 0.375mg per teaspoon /1.125mg per tablespoon)
All the uses of Gold WaterOz Mineral Water have not yet been found, however, research continues to discover more benefits of gold. We find that it:

- Is non-toxic
- Promotes a general euphoric feeling of well being.
- Stimulates the body's restorative functions.
- Enhances the body's natural defenses against illness.
- Promotes vitality and longevity.

For centuries, gold has been used by American Indians for many purposes. After boiling a gold nugget in water, the Shaman (medicine man or curandero) would give the water to the patient to drink for a variety of illnesses. Primarily, Gold water was used for patients with mental illness or disturbance. Gold is reported to be effective against active joint inflammation and has been used as an adjunct therapy with aspirin for arthritis when pain relief is required. Gold is not an analgesic, but may have anti-inflammatory effects.

Below is a list of conditions we believe WaterOz 's "Gold" may be helpful with:

Active Joint Inflammation                          Anguish                              Arthritis
Brain Function                                         Bum                                    Cancer
Circulatory Problems                                CNM                                    Depression/Despair
Digestive Disorder*                                  Drug/Alcohol Addiction          Fear/Frustration
Gland Function                                        Hot flashes                          Melancholy/Sorrow
Night Sweats                                          Obesity                               Puncture wound*

*Iodine Mineral Water (15+ppm / 0.075mg per teaspoon / 0.225rng per tablespoon)
Iodine primarily affects the thyroid gland, which controls many important functions in the body. Iodine is the single most important nutrient to the thyroid gland. Goiter, an enlargement of the thyroid, occurs when the thyroid doesn't have enough iodine. The thyroid gland is an iodine organ, producing powerful hormones needed throughout the rest of the body's organs. The hormones produced regulate metabolism in the body. The speed of all basic cell functions depends on the thyroid. When the thyroid can't produce the iodine the body needs, many serious conditions may result. Some minor conditions are: fatigue, weight gain, and bad circulation. Iodine protects the brain from toxins, and helps to neutralize toxins found in the rest of the body. The body has a much harder time warming itself when it is deficient in iodine. A deficiency in iodine is very common.

Below is a list of conditions we believe WaterOz's "Iodine" may be helpful with:

Acne                                                 Bad Circulation                      Cretinism

Confused Thinking                                Fatigue                                   Goiter
Hormonal Imbalance                             Hyperthyroidism                       Hypothyroidism
Menstrual Difficulties                            Miscarriages                            Scaly, Dry Skin
Sterility                                               Weight Gain

*Indium (80 +/-parts per million)
Indium is a rare trace (or micro-) mineral believed to support several hormonal systems in the body and may elevate immune activity and reduce the severity and duration of a plethora of human conditions. It is believed that indium may provide aid to the hypotbalamus and pituitary glands. These two master hormone producers have the job of maintaining optimal output of hormones for the body. Once this stasis is achieved, a great many other hormone-producers become stimulated, causing a domino effect and helping retard aging and various health problems. Indium seems to enhance food and mineral absorption by the body. It even has been found to aid in the utilization of other essential trace elements. Indium is not found in food or water, in fact, although it is not ordinarily found in the human body at all after approximately 25-30 years of age, most people experience beneficial results immediately. Some of the short-term benefits reported by many indium users include: increased energy, an enhanced sensei of well being - the so-called "indium high", and a reduced need for sleep. Long-term benefits of indium include (but are not limited to) a gradual correction of many chronic illnesses such as: ADD, improved blood pressure, stress-related problems, healthier body weight, autism, and a reversal of visible signs of aging. It has been reported that when taking indium one feels rejuvenated and energized because the hormonal system is working better.

Iron Mineral Water (75 +/-ppm)
Iron is called the "energy giver". It attracts oxygen and builds blood cells. Along with manganese and copper it is necessary for healthy blood chemistry and is essential for recovery from illness. Iron stored in the blood, bone marrow, liver, and spleen, with trace amounts in every organ. Iron is one of the most common deficiencies in men and women. Although, women require more iron that men (because of their menstrual cycle). Without sufficient iron, the body cannot manufacture enough new hemoglobin, (the red cell protein that transports oxygen in blood). Iron helps the body rid itself of carbon dioxide and keeps liver tissue soft. Iron combines with other nutrients to produce vital blood proteins and is involved in food metabolism, digestion, elimination, circulation, and helps maintain sufficiently high blood pressure. Vitamin C improves iron absorption.

Some symptoms of Iron deficiency:

Anemia            Anorexia             Brittle Nails               Constipation             Dizziness                 Depression
Dysphasia        Fatigue              Lack of Stamina        Fragile Bones           Growth Retardation
Hair Loss         Headaches         Ice Eating (Pica)        Unnaturally Pale Skin

Lithium Mineral Water (30+ppm / 0.15mg per teaspoon / 0.45fng per tablespoon.)
Lithium is recommended for manic depression and mental instability. We do not recommend you use our Lithium Mineral Water for common or everyday use. Our Lithium is a trace element. Unlike our other mineral waters, lithium could have serious side effects. We believe water-soluble elemental lithium does not have the side effects commonly associated with lithium compounds available from other sources. We have added lithium to our line at the request of numerous health care professionals. Take this mineral only under the supervision of your health care professional.

*Magnesium Mineral Water ( 2500+ppffi /12.5fng per teaspoon / 37.5mg per tablespoon.)
The human body needs water-soluble magnesium with calcium. If our bodies do not have approximately two parts magnesium for every one calcium molecule, the calcium becomes a pollutant to the body and can cause heart disease, arthritis, sterility, osteoporosis, hardening of the arteries, calcification of the tissue and organs, and complete degeneration through calcification of all bodily functions. Calcium is not a good product to have in the body without the proper magnesium levels. If our bodies have proper magnesium levels, the body can then use the calcium it needs and discharge the rest. Most people have more calcium in their diets than they need, but have an absolute shortage of magnesium. We are told we need calcium, and yet, there is little or no magnesium in our diets. If we consume calcium with proper magnesium levels, we will feel younger and lose weight. This lack of magnesium-to-calcium ratios will rapidly age every man, woman and child. Calcium (con be as good as it is bad) has eluded the experts experimenting in the field of anti-aging for the last fifty years. In addition, it is WaterOz's opinion that PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) is nothing more than a symptom of premature aging caused by calcification of female body parts. Rather than women's ovaries aging in their sixties, they are aging in there twenties. Women who were put on a program of increased magnesium reported their PMS vanished. More importantly, these women reported they felt younger and actually started looking 10 to 15 years younger. In one case, a 60-year old woman started menstruating again; she became bio-chemically younger. Most women stated they lost weight, increased their energy, felt far less depressed and started enjoying sex like they hadn't in years. Many said they noticed fewer wrinkles without using anything on their skin. Instead of enjoying supreme health in the prime of their lives, people are needlessly crippled by arthritis, heart disease, severe blood sugar problems, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease, all caused by calcification. Therefore, the best anti-aging advice in the world is to "take less calcium and take more magnesium." When calcification occurs in the arteries, we call it "hardening of the arteries"; in the heart, "a heart condition"; in the kidneys, "kidney stones"; gallstones, wrinkled skin, cataracts, brittle hair, etc. Then we are informed to consume less cholesterol to avert the problem, because cholesterol sticks to calcium deposits. As we grow older, calcium migrates the hard tissues (bones} to the soft tissues in the body. This principle is so important this should be deeply ingrained within us before we go any further, "Increased calcification is the cause of aging and premature death." As magnesium levels go down, up to 30% of the energy created by a cell is spent trying to pump the calcium out. This is why people exhaust so easily. As we age, your calcium level will usually increase relative to the lack of magnesium in your diet. The good news is, if we consume extra magnesium in a water-soluble form, our calcium can start migrating out of the tissue and organ areas where it does not belong; expelling what your body does not need, and hopefully we will start looking younger. Please be advised here that "milk of magnesia" is not magnesium in the proper water-soluble form. Magnesium is required for the production and transfer of energy from protein synthesis for contractility of muscle tissue and excitability of nerves, and as a cofactor in a myriad of enzyme systems. The RDA for magnesium is 350mg/daily for adult males. According to studies, if the kidneys are healthy, an adult could consume up to 6,000mg/daily of magnesium without any negative effect or toxicity. It is apparent we can consume large amounts of magnesium to allow proper use of calcium. Deficiencies of magnesium result in a wide variety of deficiency, diseases and symptoms (listed below). Enough to make one wonder why large doses of calcium in our diets go without the absolute necessary magnesium to go with it.

Below is a list of conditions we believe WaterOz's "Magnesium" may be helpful with:

Anorexia                Asthma             Calcification of organs (soil tissues and small arteries)      Cramps
Convulsions          Depression         ECG Changes                       Growth Failure           Menstrual Migraines
Muscular Weakness                      Neuromuscular Problems        Tremors                    Vertigo

*Manganese Mineral Water (100+ppm / 0.50mg per teaspoon / 1.50mg per tablespoon)
As an essential part of the biochemical reactions affecting bone, cartilage, brain function and energy supply; manganese is indicated as a deficiency in a wide variety of ailments. "Manganese has a definite impact on a person's mental activities, and if the mental faculties are to remain well balanced and under control rather than unruly and chaotic, manganese must be balanced and supplied in proper quantities," as stated by Dr. Bernard Jensen in his book 'The Chemistry of Man". Manganese is required for bone metabolism and in many enzyme reactions. Jeanne Freeland-Graves, R.D., Ph.D. states, "This is one mineral that you will definitely be hearing more about in the future". Manganese is the element most often found in combination with lecithin. Lecithin is a brain and nerve fat. Manganese gives us strong nerves, coordination of thoughts and produces elasticity with quick recuperative ability. According to Cr. Carl C. Pfeiffer, manganese is needed in the formation of thyroxin, which is produced by the thyroid gland. Manganese is also indicated for successfully helping those suffering form schizophrenia. Manganese is part of the entire brain system and is used whenever any of our mental faculties are utilized. Manganese makes up part of a molecule known as nucopolysaccharides. These molecules are used to form collagen, (the strong, fibrous connective material building tissues throughout the body), including bone and cartilage, (the rubbery cushion found where bones meet).  The mesh of collagen is framework where calcium, magnesium and other bone hardening minerals are deposited. Manganese is found in the bloodstream. It is metabolized in a similar way as iron. It carries oxygen from the lungs to the cell, yet it is different than iron (it is not hematinic). Manganese is part of proper development for the structure of the fragile ear bones and joint cartilage. Although manganese is only found in small amounts in the body, it is vital. If it is missing, it is impossible to maintain good health unless it is replaced. "Repetitive Stress Injury of Repetitive Motion Syndrome now costs corporate America $20 Billion dollars per year and accounts for 56% of the 331,600 gradual onset work related illnesses.  In 1991 orthopedic surgeons performed 100,000 Carpal Tunnel operations (at $4,000 per surgery) with lost work, wages and medical costs of over $29,000 per case," Dr. Joel Wallach, "Rare Earth's". Manganese also influences the intestinal tract lining, biliary lining, laryngeal passages, excretory duct of the liver, ovaries and the linings of the generative organs. It has positive effect on the libido of men and women. Women who have PMS or menstrual cramps usually need both calcium and manganese. When researchers analyzed women's premenstrual symptoms, they noticed a clear pattern. Most women reported much less severe symptoms when they followed a diet high in both calcium and manganese. Manganese deficiency produces varied and peculiar symptoms and complaints. It is almost never found in excess, but is found lacking in many cases. Manganese is found only in minute traces in some foods and is totally absent in most. Manganese is to be considered favorable on linings, membranes, joints, ligaments, and gelatinous and tubular structures.

Below is a list of conditions we believe WaterOz's "Manganese" may be helpful with:

Asthma                                                          Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Chondromalacia                                              Convulsions
Defects of Chondroitin Sulfate                          Improved Sex Drive
Infertility                                                         Loss of Libido (In Males/Females)
Metabolism (poor cartilage formation)               Repetitive Motion Syndrome
Retarded Growth Rate                                     Shortened Long Bone
Slipped Tendon  - TMJ                                    Miscarriages (Still Births or Spontaneous Abortions)

*Molybdenum Mineral Water (S0+/-ppm)
Molybdenum is a little-known, though essential trace mineral, it is instrumental in regulating pH balance in the body. For each pH point increase (e.g., 6.1-6.2), the oxygen level is increased ten times, increasing metabolism and enhancing the body's ability to burn fat. Although very small amounts are needed, molybdenum is a vital part of three important enzyme systems and is necessary for the proper function of certain enzyme-dependent processes, including the metabolism of iron. When the iron stored in the liver is freed, it can then carry oxygen to body cells and tissue. Molybdenum works with the enzyme systems to help eliminate toxic nitrogen waste by turning it into uric acid. The uric acid then can be converted and easily flushed from the system. Molybdenum promotes general well being (aiding in carbohydrate metabolism), proving itself useful in MSG (or other chemical) sensitivity, increases libido, and may enhance the effect of fluorine in tooth decay prevention (denial enamel is rich in Molybdenum). Molybdenum also induces sleep. Because of Molybdenum's ability to raise the body's pH, it may be beneficial in the treatment of cancer, viruses, and parasites. Recommended Dietary Allowance (PDA) established for Molybdenum considered safe up to 15mg per day. It has been found to interfere with the absorption of copper.

Some systems of a Molybdenum deficiency:

Acne                                     AIDS                                         Allergies                                  Anemia

Anthrax                            Asthma                                     Athletes Foot                       Bells Palsy
Bladder Infection              Cancer                                      Candidacies                        Canker Sores
Cavities                           Contrail/Chemtrail                        Exposure                           Colds/Flu's
Depression                     Diabetes                                     Eczema                               Epstein Barr virus
Gout                               Gulf War Syndrome                     Hepatitis C                           Herpes Simplex
Impotency                      Insomnia                                    Liver Damage                       Cirrhosis
Lupus                            Lyme Disease                              Multiple Sclerosis                 Obesity
Parasites                       Prostate Infection                        Ringworm

Platinum Mineral Water (3500+ppm / 0.25mg per teaspoon / 0.75mg per tablespoon)
Development of our Platinum Mineral Water was on the request of numerous Doctor's, Homeopathic Medical Providers, and Cancer clinics from around the world. Platinum is being used in Germany by doctors in the treatment of cancer and is having miraculous results. Platinum is also used as a base in some of chemotheraputic treatments in conventional hospitals, although it is not being used in the proper form. There have been some accounts that in the early 1970's, platinum was used for dye in x-rays of women's breasts to determine the size and exact location of breast lumps before surgery. There was an interesting side effect to the platinum dye, as the breast lumps were shrinking and even disappearing. Unfortunately the platinum dye was replaced with the sometimes-radioactive dyes used in today's medicine. We believe platinum may be effective in killing disease causing viruses and help boost the immune system.

Below is a list a/conditions we believe WaterOz's "Platinum" may be helpful with

Back Pain                                Cancer                                      Headaches
Mental Alertness                      Muscle Function                        Neuralgia
Nerve Function                         Sleepless Nights                      Sleepiness During the Day

*Potassium Mineral Water (900+ppm / 4.5mg per teaspoon /13.5mg per tablespoon)
Potassium is known as a great alkalizer as it is a primary electrolyte, important in pH balance and water balance. Potassium constitutes five percent of the total mineral content of the body although about three to four ounces are found in the body at one time. Potassium is easily absorbed but is essential to point out at least 90% of it is excreted through the kidney, however, is also found in fecal matter. Potassium is vital to eliminate wastes in the body. Potassium is a natural diuretic, helping your body excrete water and sodium, possibly lowering blood pressure. There is evidence salt sensitivity may be caused by a lack of potassium. Scientists believe that potassium has the ability to pump sodium out of the body's cells and reduce body fluid. Potassium may affect blood vessel tone and may modify the way blood vessels react to circulating hormones that affect blood pressure. Not only is the effect of potassium on blood pressure quite remarkable, it is also necessary for good muscle contraction. Potassium also produces healthy electrical activity in the heart and rapid transmission of nerve impulses throughout the body. Heartbeat irregularities are commonly considered a classic sign of potassium deficiency. Potassium plays a vital role in nerve function and cellular integrity. As potassium reserves are precipitated, mental illness and even alcoholism may develop. The nerves and mind become inflamed and cause a person to see only the negative side of life. When potassium starvation becomes chronic in proportions, suicide is often contemplated and sometimes attempted. Ambition and drive is lost and work becomes deplorable. The more severe the potassium depletion the more pronounced the symptoms. Potassium attracts oxygen to tissues; lack of potassium reduces tissue oxygenation, causing lax muscles, sagging vital organs and the heart to weaken. Lack of potassium opens the door to all manner of germ life in the body. One of the common signs of potassium deficiency is earache. The reason for this is bacterial toxins are not properly flushed from the body.  Another problem is, tissue metabolism is interrupted causing skin eruptions. If potassium is depleted, it is likely albumin, sugar, gelatinous substances, sodium and chlorine are in short supply or not fully assimilated. The body clearly needs a specific amount of sodium to maintain blood pressure. The body also needs specific levels of other minerals, such as potassium, to keep sodium levels in the body from getting too high. People who have hypoglycemia often suffer from headaches, weakness and other conditions, possibly attributed to a deficiency. Potassium is depleted from low blood sugar. On the other end of the scale, diabetes, which involves reduced tolerance to sugar and indicates a lack of potassium. Both conditions can be helped with a potassium supplement. Potassium also helps counteract tumor growth. Research shows, by controlling the salt and water content at the cellular level, cellular function, energy production, and overall biological integrity can be restored or improved. Low-sodium, high potassium environments can restore damaged cell proteins, in part, to their normal undamaged configuration. Potassium also supports the adrenal glands. These glands are often severely impaired from a protracted period of functioning in a continual state of stress response. Potassium is important to everyone as long as it is supplied in biochemical or supplement form.

Below is a list of conditions we believe WaterOz's "Potassium" may be helpful with:

Bluish Tint to Skin                                                Chronic Fatigue
Cold Feet                                                             Cramped Abdomen
Earaches                                                            Edema
Excessive Passion                                                       Extreme Hunger (Yet Unable To Eat)
Headaches                                                          Heart Palpitations
Hypertension                                                        Intestinal Pain
Oppressive Breathing                                           Pain in the Eyes or Eyeballs
Prolapsed Uterus                                                  Swollen Glands
Systolic Heart Beat                                               Tissue Anemia (with Good Blood Count)
Unexplained Shooting Paint                                  Water Retention

Selenium Mineral Water (75+ppm / 0.375mg per teaspoon /1.125mg per tablespoon)
Selenium is an essential trace mineral crucial for proper functioning of the heart muscle. There is evidence it can help the body fight cancer. One study from Cornell University found supplementation of 200mcg's/daily cut cancer rates in half. Scientists in Arizona gave a group of men and women selenium supplements and gave another group placebos a 7-year period. They discovered that the group taking the selenium was 42% less likely to develop cancer. Selenium is a potent antioxidant, which bonds with unstable molecules in our cells, preventing (the researchers believe), damaging cells and potentially preventing cancer and premature aging. In Norfolk, England, people are said to be amongst the longest-lived people in their country. Scientists believe it is due to high concentrations of selenium in their soil. Researchers found selenium can also improve how well you think and feel, although they're not sure why. Scientists in Brussels found, taking selenium daily-improved immune system function by nearly 80%.

Below is a list a/conditions we believe WaterOz's "Selenium" may be helpful with:

Age and Liver Spots                                             Adrenoleucodystrophy
ALD (Lorenzo's Oil Syndrome)                              Alzheimer's Disease
Anemia                                                               Cancer
Cardiomyopathy (Keshan)                                     Cirrhosis
Cystic Fibrosis                                                      Fatigue
Heart Palpitations                                                High Infant Modality
HIV (AIDS)                                                          Immune Deficiencies
Infertility                                                              Irregular Heartbeat
Lou Gehrig's Disease                                            Low Birth Weight
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)                                          Muscular Dystrophy (MD)
Muscular Weakness                                              Myalgia
Pancreatic Atrophy                                               Pancreatitis
Parkinson's Disease                                             Premature Aging
Scoliosis Disease ('Mulberry heart' disease)            Sickle Cell Anemia

*Silver Mineral Water (100+ppm / 0.5mg per teaspoon / 1.5mg per tablespoon)
Silver is a natural element and occurs as a trace mineral in soil. It is one of the essential trace minerals required by plants, animals and humans. Doctors have connected silver with our body's natural defense system. If we are deficient in silver we may be subject to far more illness and disease than if we had sufficient silver in our system. When our body has enough silver it is almost like having a second immune system. Silver is a very powerful natural antibiotic. It has been used for thousand of years in its less effective solid form, but in recent decades, it has been used in its colloidal form. It is a catalyst disabling the particular enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their own oxygen metabolism (which means they suffocate). Viruses are destroyed because the electric charge of silver particles cause their internal protoplast to collapse and are rendered unable to reproduce. Using the proper water-soluble solution of silver, we believe there are no side effects and there is no harm to the essential ("friendly") bacteria found in our intestinal tract. "What we have actually done was to rediscover the fact that silver kills bacteria, (which has been known for centuries). When antibiotics were discovered, clinical uses for silver as an antibiotic were discarded." The ancient Romans and Greeks found liquids would stay fresher longer if put in silver containers. Our own American pioneers discovered, putting a silver dollar in a jug of milk would delay spoilage. In addition, they discovered if they would keep their silverware "hidden" in their water barrel, the water would not go bad. Applications include diluted oral or topical, as nasal or eardrops, or as a spray for other sensitive tissues. It kills all disease-causing bacteria, fungus and viruses within minutes of contact but leaves unharmed the "friendly" bacteria. Many people take silver internally every day to boost their immune system. It does not sting, bum or hurt even the most sensitive areas. It can be used on warts, open wounds, sunburns or as a rinse for acne, eczema and other skin irritations. It can be used vaginally (in the event a woman develops a yeast infection), anally or even atomized and inhaled. The number of disease organisms presently identified where silver Is fatal is currently 650. Apply directly to cuts, scrapes or open sores. Simply put a few drops on a Band-Aid and place over wound or wear over warts. Dab directly on eczema or itchy areas, acne, mosquito bites or any skin problem. Spray (full strength) directly on sunburns. Purify water by adding ½ teaspoon silver per gallon of water, then shake well, wait 6 minutes, shake again, wait 6 minutes and drink. No home emergency preparedness kit would be complete without a method of making water safe to drink. This purified water makes a great digestive aid and eliminates fermentation. It is the ideal food preservative; it is also good for you. An example of using it to help preserve food is to add approximately 1/4 teaspoon per quart when canning.

Below is a list of conditions we believe WaterOz's "Silver" may be helpful with:

Anthrax                                                     Athlete's Foot                                       Boils

Cerebrospinal Meningitis                             Colitis                                                  Cystitis
Dermatitis                                                  Diplococcus                                         Diphtheria
Dysentery                                                  E-Coli                                                  Gonorrhea
Impetigo                                                    Influenza (Flu)                                      Intestinal Troubles
Pneumococci                                             Ringworm                                             Shingles
Sprue                                                       Staphylococci                                       Streptococci
Sunburn                                                   Tuberculosis                                         Warts
Whooping Cough                                      Yeast Infection

*Sulfur WaterOz Mineral Water (900+ppm / 4.5/ng per teaspoon /13 5mg per tablespoon)

The human body is made up of a combination of minerals, all in a proper ratio; all minerals used by the human body are in a form known as ionic and are water-soluble. Colloidal sulfur is toxic, reason being, it is not water-soluble, however, water-soluble sulfur is beneficial. Water-soluble sulfur is an oil in its pure water-soluble form. It is the flexible bond holding your cells together making your skin look good without wrinkles. Before your body can use the water-soluble sulfur, you need vitamin C. Your body cannot absorb vitamin C unless it has water- soluble copper. Your body cannot absorb copper unless it has zinc. Grape seed extract, selenium and green tea are anti oxidants and have properties similar to vitamin C. Because sulfur in its pure form is extremely noble, it is almost impossible to put into a water-soluble form making it extremely scarce in nature. We believe the Lorenzo's oil as described in the movie "Lorenzo's Oil" had a water-soluble sulfur base. We believe our sulfur oil to be the ingredient that repairs the Milan sheath. Damage to the Milan Sheath causes the shaking condition in palsy, multiple sclerosis, Lorenzo's disease and many other disease conditions, where there is an uncontrollable motor function. Deficiency of water-soluble sulfur can lead to a variety of conditions ranging from skin irritations and rashes to total breakdown of cellular regeneration. For example: have you ever wondered why your pets like to go out and chew on the grass, or scratch consistently yet don't have fleas? These are signs your pets are deficient in water-soluble sulfur. Consistent scratching is an attempt to relieve the pain caused by a loss of nutritional sulfur, which provided the flexible bond in the skin tissue and has now resulted in dry, brittle skin. It is also why caged birds pull out their feathers. You will not find birds in the wild pulling out their feathers, caged birds pull out feathers in an attempt to relieve the pain of dry cracking skin. Nutritional sulfur is required by many functions of the body. For example: production of insulin requires sulfur in its molecular structure and numerous other proteins. Protein catalyst and enzymes incorporate sulfur into their molecular framework. Proper protein synthesis can only be achieved with water-soluble sulfur, maintaining the correct molecular framework for soft, connective tissue throughout the human body. Proper water-soluble sulfur levels are useful in protecting the body when exposed to radiation.  Individuals with symptoms of pain and inflammation associated with the various musculoskeletal system disorders including arthritis report substantial and long lasting relief. A combination of sulfur and Vitamin C reported a greater benefit. This combination was especially useful in correcting leg cramps in athletes who experience severe leg cramps during sports activities. Migraine sufferers also obtained substantial relief. Arthritic patients report relief from pain and stiffness as well as reduced swelling and inflammation. Subjects with chronic to severe allergies to environmental materials such as house dust, pollen, wool, animal hair, feathers and other diverse allergies have reported substantial to complete relief of their symptoms. Allergy symptoms ranged from respiratory congestion to inflammation, itching, mucoid discharges and general discomfort. A water soluble sulfur (MSM) is further necessary for collagen synthesis in skin, hair and nails, keeping cells from becoming rigid. Furthermore, sulfur softens tissues, relieves stress, asthma, arthritis, inflammation, constipation and candida. It detoxifies the body and increases blood circulation, reduces muscle cramps and back pain, removing inflammation, permitting muscles to heal, increasing energy alertness, mental calmness and the ability to concentrate. Water-soluble sulfur further scavenges free radicals, relieves allergies to foods and pollens, helping the liver produce choline, and controls acidity in stomach ulcers. Sulfur coats the intestinal tract so parasites lose the ability to hang on. It helps with hypersensitivity to drugs, increasing the body's ability to produce insulin. It is important for carbohydrate metabolism and speeds wound healing. It has also been extremely helpful in stopping urinary tract infections and constipation problems.

*Tin Dietary Supplements (100+ppm / 0.5mg per teaspoon / 1.5mg per tablespoon)
Tin is found primarily in tissues of the lungs and intestines, and has many chemical/physical properties similar of those of carbon, silica, germanium and lead. For a long time human biological applications of tin were not known. In 1970 a man named Schwarz was able to demonstrate, 'Tin produced accelerated growth in rats and further met standards for an essential trace element", as quoted from "Rare Earths" by Dr. Joel Wallach. While conducting research on tin, we found there is very little documentation of studies or any other bio-chemical notations about Tin. A recent study conducted by Yokoi indicates; when tin is deficient in rats, they exhibit poor growth, decreased food efficiency, a depressed response to sound and changes in mineral concentrations in various organs. Tin has been implicated in hair and hearing loss.

Here ore some symptoms of Tin deficiency:

Hair Loss                      Hearing Loss                             Male Pattern Baldness

Vanadium Mineral Water (300+ppm /1.5mg per teaspoon / 4.5mg per tablespoon)
Vanadium regulates the circulatory system, helping reduce cholesterol levels and buildup in the central nervous system. Vanadium lowers elevated blood sugar and is believed to help reduce the incidence of heart attack. When used in combination with chromium, it is found to be beneficial in dealing with mineral deficiencies found in diabetics and hypoglycemics. Vanadium has been estimated that 80 million Americans exhibit some of the characteristics of diabetes such as insulin resistance, excess insulin release, high triglycerides and high blood sugar. Chronic weight loss or gain, frequent urination, and chronic thirst are warning signs that are indicative of the possible onset of diabetes.

Below is a list of conditions we believe WaterOz's " Vanadium" may be helpful with:

Cardiovascular Disease                        Diabetes                                 High Cholesterol
Hyper-lnsulinemia                                Hypoglycemia                          Infertility
Metabolic Dysfunction                          Obesity                                   Pancreatic Dysfunction

*Water of Life Mineral Water (4000+ppm / 20.0mg per teaspoon / 60.0mg per tablespoon)
All of Water of Life has not yet been discovered. As technology advances, we will revolutionize the way we have been using mineral supplements by providing truly absorbable and digestible minerals. People are using Water of life WaterOz Mineral Water for many conditions. Approximately 1-3 teaspoons taken internally per day can absorb into any part of the body. Because mineral deficiencies can produce various symptoms, minerals are essential for the health of the body. Insufficient amounts of absorbable minerals can lead to inefficient utilization of the foods we eat most of which are lacking proper minerals. For the body to work properly, it must maintain the proper balance of all minerals. An imbalance can lead to a variety of problems.

Below is a partial breakdown of the major elements contained in WaterOz's "Water of Life"

(Not all minerals contained in this product are listed: the amounts are very minimal very small amounts):

Aluminum                 Boron                          Calcium                      Chloride                     Copper
Iodine                       Iron                             Manganese                Magnesium                 Nitrogen
Potassium                Selenium                     Silicon                       Sodium                      Sulfur

*Zinc Mineral Water (300+ppm / 1.5mg per teaspoon / 4.5mg per tablespoon)
Zinc WaterOz Mineral Water is simply pure zinc and pure water. As with all the WaterOz Mineral Waters, zinc is ionic, water-soluble and suspended as a solution in water. Zinc has been used for centuries. In the 1800's, surgeons used zinc as an antiseptic/antibiotic after surgery. It was noted for its amazing healing properties. Wounds would heal, at times, as quickly as 24 hours after an operation, without swelling and with scarring barely noticeable after a short period of time. Zinc is needed for metabolism of nucleic acids and the synthesis of proteins. In addition, it is an integral part of the human DNA for cell division and synthesis. Therefore, lack of zinc in pregnant women can result in numerous birth defects, such as: down's syndrome, clef lip, clubbed limbs, hiatal hernia and umbilical hernias. Zinc is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and is found in all body fluids (including the moisture in the eyes, lungs, nose, wine and saliva). Proper zinc levels offer defense against the entrance of pathogens. Because zinc is found in body fluids, proper levels of zinc tend to stop body odor (including foot odor) and protect the throat with every swallow. Deficiency of zinc can cause a wide variety of diseases, degenerative diseases and illnesses. Heavy losses of zinc occur in sweating, therefore, athletes are particularly Susceptible to zinc deficiency (i.e., anorexia nervosa, muscle weakness, pica, etc.). Zinc helps the body slim down! The body demanding nutrition causes hunger. Hunger is regulated by zinc. Zinc is also required for the proper absorption of food. Tests show: zinc deficiencies increase the need for food by 50%, compared to subjects with proper zinc levels. Therefore, a person who is zinc deficient could consume up to 50% more food than is necessary, causing an undesirable increase in carbohydrates and weight gain due to overeating. In one study, women who were giving proper zinc supplements showed an increase of 20% in mental capacity over a 6-week period. Zinc is also very effective for proper brain function. Zinc is effective in hormone production, improving sex drive. It has been proven to reduce the size of the prostate gland, helping prevent prostate cancer. It is important for proper maintenance of the male reproductive system.

Below is a list of conditions we believe WaterOz's "Zinc" may be helpful with:

Acne                                           Alcoholism                                            Alzheimer'a
Anemia                                        Angina                                                 Anorexia
Anthrax                                        Body Odor (Foot odd)                            Bulimia
Cavities                                        Crohn's Disease                                   Depression
Diabetes                                       Eye Diseases                                        Hair Loss
Herpes                                          Hypertension                                      Infertility
Libido                                           Obesity                                              Paranoia
PMS                                            Thyroid Disorders                                 Urinary Tract Infections

P-RNA (Phyto-Rlbonucleic Acid)

RNA stands for ribonucleic acid. There are three types of RNA:

1)   Messenger RNA is Responsible for taking messages from your DNA (your gene structure) and providing a template or a single strand mirror image for your amino acids to Link up with. This is where transfer RNA comes in.

2)  Transfer RNA seeks Out and brings each individual amino acid to the chain and parks it in its Particular slot where it will do the most good and be the most beneficial. Now enters (ribosomal RNA).

3)  Ribosomal RNA provides the machinery or Energy needed to start the protein synthesis process.

Ribonucleic acid is responsible for building protein synthesis in the body. As we age, there tends to be breakdowns and shortages of nucleic acids in the system. Leading to RNA errors and lack of protein synthesis. This is where aging comes from. To understand RNA function one must understand protein function. A protein is a group of molecules composed of elements and amino acids. These are in all living cells and many substances such as enzymes. Hormones and the antibodies that are necessary for the proper functioning of any living organism. They are absolutely essential to all animal diets and to the growth and repair of tissue in the body. Without RNA, protein would not be produced or synthesized by the body. This is why RNA is so vitally important; research done by Dr. Benjamin Frank, author of 'Nucleic Acid Nutritional Therapy'. Dr Milton Fried shows clearly that those who supplement with RNA on a regular basis showed improvement in their memory function, increased energy levels, better tolerance of extreme temperature changes, enhance immunity, better vision and tighter, radiant skin. They also found that those who supplemented with RNA looked 5-1 5 years younger than their actual age. We believe P-RNA will not only help one to look and feel younger, but that it will aid in ridding the body of toxins. It repairs genetic sequences and alterations, desensitizes the blood to allergies and promotes general youth and vitality.

*WaterOz Stabilized Oxygen

WaterOz Stabilized Oxygen is the best formula of "liquid electrolytes" available. Dr. Moses de Guevarra first discovered stabilized oxygen back in 1929 as sodium chlorite drops. WaterOz Stabilized Oxygen is simply the highest quality, strongest and most stable of all the "liquid electrolytes of oxygen" now on the market (electrolytes are substances that dissolve in water and conduct electricity). WaterOz Stabilized Oxygen is a "liquid concentrate of electrolytes of oxygen" and is made available to our bodies in molecular form. This is released upon contact with stomach acid, providing the bloodstream with molecular oxygen. It is possible to kill anaerobic bacteria and other parasites on contact without harming tissues or friendly aerobic bacteria. WaterOz Stabilized Oxygen is an oxidant similar in effect to hydrogen peroxide, but is more stable. Instead of releasing gas in the stomach, it reacts with stomach acid and releases "molecular" oxygen. Although WaterOz Stabilized Oxygen is considerably more effective than hydrogen peroxide (as an oxidant), it doesn't appear to have any nauseous feeling or unpleasant taste associated with it. We believe our WaterOz Stabilized Oxygen works so well because of its specific "enzyme enhancing" qualities of the chlorite ion. Chemically speaking, chlorite ion is a molecule of chlorine and oxygen with a strong negative charge. The same molecule with a neutral charge is chlorine dioxide, (an even more potent oxidizer and a super-effective killer of microbes). We believe if a person could maintain a robust cellular oxidation, (meaning, virtually every cell in the body is functioning well), disease conditions would not have a chance. We believe when our cell oxidation is diminished (due to stress, pollution and/or junk foods), we are open to degeneration, fatigue and sickness. WaterOz Stabilized Oxygen provides our bodies with a remarkably stable form of chlorite. Chlorite is a stabilized form of pure chlorine and oxygen. (Not to be confused with the unhealthy form of chlorine in swimming pools). Extra Oxygen is released into Out Blood Stream. Although this is minimal when compared to the amount of oxygen we breathe into our lungs, the dissolved oxygen is highly beneficial to the metabolism. We believe the chlorite molecule is used by the body as a substrate (known as a value in a dietary supplement for a number of important enzymes helping improve cell oxidation. Most people don't know it, but the most abundant element found in healthy human blood is chlorine, followed by sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron and so forth. Obviously, our blood needs quality chlorine. When WaterOz Stabilized Oxygen is diluted in water, the highly alkaline pH is rapidly lowered from pH 12-13 to a pH of approximately 8.6. Lowering of the pH of the water causes the separation of chloric ions and stabilized oxygen molecules from sodium atoms. Tiny amounts of chlorine dioxide are also released. This reaction destroys microbes in the water, making WaterOz Stabilized Oxygen good to have on hand when traveling in a foreign country. When swallowed, it encounters stomach acid (which has a normal pH of 3-4) and remains stable. This creates an even stronger reaction than when diluted in water, generating more molecular oxygen, more chlorite ions and more chlorine dioxide. Not only do we have a wealth of energetically dissolved oxygen to be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, but also you have the specific "oxidizer" of chlorite and chlorine dioxide, destroying viruses, bacteria and protozoa. WaterOz Stabilized Oxygen has been proven effective in killing salmonella, cholera, E-Coli, streptococcus, pseudomonas and staphylococcus aurous. It is an absolute "must" when traveling. Yes, now we can drink the water. So, if we want the best cell oxidation and oxygenation boost available in easy-to-take droplet form, the smart choice is WaterOz Stabilized Oxygen. One 4oz. Bottle yields 2 dosages of 10 drops per day for 120 days.

WaterOz Ozone Generator
Ozone is active oxygen, one of nature's very special elements, with the chemical formula of 03. It is a natural purifier. Ozone was first discovered in the 1840's. Ozone is produced in nature when the ultraviolet rays of the sun strike oxygen molecules in the atmosphere high above the earth (at about 90,000 feet). Its clean, fresh scent is often noticed after a heavy rain. Ozone is produced each time lightning flashes and is the sweet smell after a thunderstorm. Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer that can be used safely to purify water. Its alternative, chlorine, has been documented to cause illness, irritation of the eyes and nose, swimmer's, car, etc. There is also danger in the transportation and storage of chlorine. Ozone is, by far, superior to traditional chemical treatment. Just as nature uses ozone to protect life on earth, we can use ozone to protect ourselves from microorganisms in the water and air. We can enjoy soft, sparking clean water naturally and clean, fresh air without any perfume cover-up.

WaterOz Ozonator Advantages:
The WaterOz portable purifier is lightweight and easy to move. It is designed specifically to purify water in holding tanks, emergency storage water, spas, bathtubs, fountains and wading pools. It can also be used to purify drinking water from well sources or city water supplies by removing undesirable tastes, odors and colors.

Ozone: Superior to Traditional Chemical Treatments such as Chlorine
In 1906, the first municipal water purification plant utilizing ozone was built in the city of France. Today, there are over 2,000 plants worldwide, using ozone to purify drinking water. Recently, Los Angeles built the largest ozone plant in the world for purification of its drinking water supply. Los Angeles chose ozone over a chlorine system because of ozone's extraordinary ability to effectively purify water without side effects.

Benefits of using the WaterOz Ozone Generator:

. Kills all known bacteria and viruses in the air and water traditional chemicals don't.
. Far more cost effective than traditional chemicals.
. Does not discolor the hair or dry the skin.
. Does not fade swimsuits when used in pools or spas.
. Does not irritate the eyes or skin.
. Eliminates allergic reactions (No Chemicals).
. Safe for your spa and equipment.
. Extends life of the water vessel and equipment.
. Eliminates cloudy water, all molds and algae.
. Will not adversely affect the acid/alkaline (pH/ balance of the water.
. Eliminates chlorine and bromine by-products.
. Environmentally safe.
. Makes water sparkling clean and costal clear.
. Works incredibly fast.

Ozone Body Suit:
The Ozone Body Suit is used with the Ozone Generator and is designed to keep the ozone close to the body so you receive maximum benefit. The suit is made large enough for your whole body. It is made with Rip Stop Nylon to make it durable, and comes in different colors (depending on the availability of material). The hose from the ozone generator can be slipped inside the suit at any opening to get the greatest concentration in the area being treated. It is important to note that you should remain warm so that your pores stay open to allow the body to absorb the ozone directly through the skin. Maximum time one should spend in the body suit is one hour or until you begin experiencing an itching sensation. Medical benefits of using an ozone suit with the generator range from simple muscle fatigue to severe infections such as limb threatening gangrene. Sitting in the body suit (with or without clothing, a personal choice) cleans the skin, helps remove odor, oxygenates the skin, helps increase circulation, helps remove viruses from the body and attacks cancer cells.