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UTC logo Master Chia - Tan Tien Chi Kung 

Master Chia - Tan Tien Chi Kung
Hands - on Center ( Tan Tien ) for digesting Chi - open this space front & back 

1) Qua: feel empty space 
2) Rabbit Form - Breathe in & exhale with hands-don't bend knees
3) Iron Shirt Posture - turn & exhale 
4) Sparrow Form - Sink on front foot & then back foot
5) Open & Close the body with arm straight out 
6) Crank Form - Scoop the Chi up forming beams & exhale on side expanding figures 
7) Wave hitting the Shore Form - Open up the lung with discharge force from Tan Tien (Charge) (strike) Used in Tai Chi II - Nourishes the Chi & Open cavities -Abdomen - Lower Rib Cage - Hips & Sacrum 
8) Elephant Form - Trunk movement - hands come up over head 

Seven Stars (Energy Points): Feet, Tan Tein, Hands, Solar Plexus, Crown, Perineum, Mideye.

Maintain Chi Pressure (Original Force) in the Tan Tein. When you are angry, and stressful you release Chi and delete the Original Chi, so just release a little and breathe in a little more into the Tan Tein to maintain balance and Chi Pressure (Internal Power). So when you become depleted stop your activity, and rebuild Chi Pressure by breathing into the Tan Tein which is the key to Internal Power & Strength.