taoist practice

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the morphogenic structure behind reality itself, underlying even mathematics. Most physicists and mathematicians feel that numbers are the prime language of reality, but it is actually shape that generates all the lows of physics. Thoth presented sacred geometry as the emblem of reality throughout the cosmos. It is sometimes called the "language of light" and sometimes the "language of silence." In fact, sacred geometry is a language, a language through which everything was created. Of all the shapes Thoth showed Drunvalo, the flower of life was the penultimate. He said that everything that has ever been created or is in. On the inhale of breath, visualize the male tetrahedron. This is the one with the apex facing up. The point at the base of the tetrahedron, which is just above the knees when you are standing, is facing toward the front for males and toward the back for females. Visualize to the best of your ability this male tetrahedron filled with brilliant white light. Your body is surrounded by this light. Also on this first breath arrange your hands, palms up with the thumb and index finger lightly touching. This is a mudra. Do not allow any of your other fingers to touch one another. Inhale through your nose in a deep, relaxed, rhythmic manner for approximately seven seconds, bringing the breath up from the stomach, then to diaphragm, and finally to the chest.

Do this all in one movement. Then without pausing at the top of the inhale, begin your exhale. Exhale slowly through your nose for approximately seven seconds. As you exhale, visualize the female tetrahedron. This is the one with the apex facing down the point at the level of the solar plexus facing the back for males the front for females. Again visualize this tetrahedron with brilliant white light. After you have completed the exhale in approximately seven seconds, relax and hold your breath for approximately five seconds. Move your eyes toward each other (look slightly cross-eyed, in other words), then look up and immediately look down to the ground as fast as you can. At the same time visualize the white light in the female tetrahedron shooting out through the apex of the tetrahedron and into the Earth. As you are doing this, you should feel an electrical sensation moving down your spine. Drunvalo calls this pulsing. What you are doing is clearing out the negativity in the part of your electrical system that a different mudra is used (index fingers and thumbs touching). Immediately after pulsing the energy down your spine, begin the second breath. The second breath is exactly the same as the first breath except for one thing. The one and only change is that different mudra is used. For the second breath you hold the thumbs and second fingers together. Everything else is the same as the first breath. Similarly, for breaths three through six, everything in these breaths is the same as the first breath except for the mudras.

For the third-breath mudra, you hold the thumb and third finger (ring finger) together. For the fourth-breath mudra, hold the thumb and little finger together. For the fifth-breath mudra, hold the thumb and index finger together, just as in the first breath. And for the (sixth-breath mudra, hold the thumb and second finger together, just as in the second breath). The next seven breaths begin a different breathing pattern. It is no longer necessary to visualize the male tetrahedron on the inhale and the female tetrahedron on the exhale. What you visualize in stead is the tube that runs through the body. This tube extends one hand length above the head and on hand length below the feet. In other words, the tube runs through the apex of the male tetrahedron, which extends one hand length above your head. It also runs through the apex of the female tetrahedron, extending one hand length below your feet. The diameter of your tube is exactly the same as the diameter of the hole formed when your thumb and middle finger are touching. Begin the seventh inhale immediately after the pulse following the sixth exhale. Inhale rhythmically, taking about seven seconds, just as you inhaled for the first six breaths. As you begin the seventh inhale, visualize the tube running through your body as well as brilliant white light running up and down the tube at the same time. In other words, visualize prana, running down the tube from over your head and simultaneously running up the tube from beneath your feet.

At some point, you instantly do have brilliant white light running up and down your Tube. Now visualize the light meeting inside the tube at the level of the navel or third chakra. As the beams of light or prana meet, a sphere of light or prana about the size of a grapefruit forms and slowly begins to grow. This all happens in the instant you begin the seventh inhale. As you continue to. Inhale for approximately seven seconds, the sphere of prana slowly grows. At the end of the seventh inhale, immediately begin your exhale. There is no more holding of the breath seventh inhale, immediately begin your exhale. There is no more holding of the breath and no more pulsing. For the next seven breaths use the same mudra, that is, both the index and second fingers lightly touching the thumb with the alms up. As you begin to exhale, the prana continues flowing from each end of the tube and expanding the sphere centered at the navel. By the time of the full exhale (approximately seven seconds), the sphere of prana will be about eight or nine inches in diameter. Begin the eighth breath immediately after the seventh exhale. On the eighth breath the prana sphere continues to grow until it reaches its maximum size at the end of the exhale. At its maximum the sphere is roughly the size at the end of the exhale. At its maximum the sphere is roughly the size of a volleyball. On the ninth breath, the sphere cannot grow bigger, so what it does is grow brighter. Visualize the sphere growing brighter and brighter on both the inhale and exhale.

On the tenth breath, continue to visualize the sphere growing brighter. About halfway through the inhale, the sphere will reach critical mass and ignite into a sun. As you begin to exhale, make a small hole with your lips and blow the air out your mouth like you are forcing in out. Then let it all go with a final whoosh. As you do, the ignited sun expands out ward to form a sphere around your body. This is the same sphere shown in Leonardo da Vinci's drawing. Your whole body is now inside a sphere of charged white light or prana. The sphere is not yet stable at this point, however. It took all your energy just to get It out there. It will take three more breaths to stabilize it. The eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth breaths are needed to stabilize the sphere. Inhale and exhale just as you did for the seventh through the tube, meeting at the navel, and expanding into the sphere around your body. The sphere is now stabilized and you are ready for the all-important fourteenth breath. For the seventh through the thirteenth breaths, the prana flow met in the tube behind the navel. That tuned us to our third-dimensional reality. If we were going to stay here we would stop after thirteen breaths. Since we are moving to the fourth dimension, the fourteenth breath becomes necessary in order to retune us to that reality. At the beginning of the inhale of the fourteenth breath, you move the point where the two streams of prana meet up are standing, the base of the male tetrahedron is just above your knees. If you sit down, the base moves down accordingly. That means, then, if you are sitting in a chair, the base in on the floor, or at lest very close to that. If you are sitting on the ground, approximately one half of the male tetrahedron is in the ground. The base of the female tetrahedron is always at the solar plexus, whether you are standing or sitting. If you are standing, the apex of the female tetrahedron is one hand length into the ground. If you are standing, the apex of the female tetrahedron is one hand length into the ground. If you are sitting on a chair, the apex moves down accordingly. If you are sitting on the ground, more than one half of the female tetrahedron is in the ground. As you continue to do this meditation, your ability to "see" the tetrahedrons, white light, tube and spheres will improve. Practicing sacred geometry has helped immensely. As I got into it, I learned this by actually doing the drawing. I don't think there is any other way to really get it. The geometry not only helped my meditation but also greatly facilitated an intergration of my left and right brain into the oneness of the eternal spirit.

Drunvalo says he had to be reminded by the angels on a regular basis, and that it took him twelve years to master it. As of this writing I have been doing this meditation daily for nineteen months, and have only recently added the next three breaths to create the merkaba. In order to take the next three breaths you must have permission from your higher self. Breaths fifteen through seventeen are the ones that set the counter-rotating fields of the merkaba in motion. I am not including the next three breaths here because I have not yet mastered them. I thought at first that since I knew more about conscious breathing (rebirthing) than most people that I could immediately go into my merkaba. To begin this story we must go far back in time to when Thoth and other ascended masters were synthetically creating the Christ-consciousness grid on this planet to heal what had happened between the Martians and the Earthlings in Atlantis. They made the hole in Egypt that connects to the flame of life in the Halls of Amenti and activated their geomancy with sacred points all over the world. The ascended masters then calculated that we would matriculate into the fourth dimension by the winter of 1998, and at that time only a very few people would make it. There was nothing unusual about this experiment of creating the Christ-consciousness grid synthetically. Apparently it is done on a regular basis that is, jumping planets up or down dimensional levels. No one in the universe paid any particular attention to this experiment; it was no big deal.

However, about 200 years ago the Sirians, who are our father aspect, became aware of a high possibility that we were not going to make it at all. They foresaw an event that was going to happen in 1972, and they knew that we had to be at the fourth dimensional level of awareness by then in order to survive. If we were at that level by 1972 there would.

The habit of compartmentalizing yourself is a direct off hoot of duality, of creating your source externally as opposed to internally. The fragmentary parts of ourselves-incompletion from the past, things we are too fearful to be with-we tend to compartmentalize. We think we are putting them away, burying them so we won't have to deal with them. But this is fundamentally holding part of our selves as shameful or wrong, and that part will always be exposed as less pure by the breath.

Expanding your ability to accept the underlying safety and trust of the universe in the setting of a rebirthing session gives you an expanded ability to be with those things you have been resisting. As you experience them in this way, they begin literally to dissolve, and when they dissolve your duality begins to dissolve also. That is, events arise and dissolve in breath. It matters little whether the events are childhood, birth, past life, or whatever you consider them to be. It matters only that there is stuck energy that is dissolving. What you are left with is the unity of being as a living presence within you. You have a direct not a theoretical---experience of the living spirit in your body.

This is equivalent to saying there is integration of both sides of the brain. The conceptual male side fuses with the female intuitive side.

The process then is about breathing, relaxing, tuning into feelings, and shifting the way you have been habitually holding them in avoidance, resistance, and making wrong. The process is about expanding your identity breath by breath to include these feelings so that they can integrate into a greater sense of well-being. In doing so, the past begins to complete itself.

Learning to rebirth yourself from a professional rebirther gives you a tool that you can use anytime to spark emotional resolution and the experience of the unity of being.
Over time you will learn to rely more and more on your own authority rather than external authority. You will learn more and more how the source is within, not with out.
The teacher is the breath itself. It unfolds to you at its own rate. It moves at the rate that is perfect for you, which is never the same for any two people. Your breath is the vehicle to take you to your own source, the higher self that resides within you.

Twenty Connected Breaths
The foundation of rebirthing is a simple exercise that I learned from Leonard Orr called twenty connected breaths. You can do this exercise throughout the day, whenever you feel the need. However, it is recommended that for the first week you only do it once daily:
1. Take four short breaths.
2. Then take one long breath.
3. Pull the breaths in and out through your nose.
breathe in a relaxed, safe environment. Breathing is forced upon us in a do-or-die situation. We learn to breathe in a setting of fear and tension. From our first forced breath at birth, full free breathing becomes subconsciously equated with pain and fear, so we learn to breathe shallowly. This shallow breathing becomes the equivalent of holding a lid on a pressure cooker. All that urgency then gets compacted into our breathing mechanism and literally lives in our body, in a suppressed state, in the form of blocked or stuck energy. This stuck energy is statically held in place by shallow breathing. Just imagine if you lived in a house that you had not cleaned for thirty or forty years---you probably wouldn't want to spend much time there. It is the same with your body. So the idea of physical immortality is really about the quality of life here and now. It is also an idea that allows rebirthing to proceed more effectively, by enabling you to create a context that is inclusive of any and all of your limiting and fearful thoughts.

Leonard used to talk about some of the people who had written about physical immortality and how most of them had since died. No big surprise, right? He even mentioned one person who died while on his way to give a talk on the subject. Leonard learned not to trust these people. He developed a new set of criteria. He decided he world not believe anyone who talked about immortality unless they were at least 300 years of age! In the late 1970 he traveled to India where he met Babaji, an immortal yogi master. He has since met seven or eight individuals in India who are at least 300 years old. From these actual living examples, he learned the common denominators, the secrets of maintaining a physical body beyond the "normal" life span. They all are rooted in increasing the quality of aliveness. Knowledge of the energy body. Earth, air, water and fire can clean the mind more efficiently than the mind can clean itself. The conscious use of these cleanses and balances the energy body. The ideally, then is to use the elements first to clean out our accumulation of toxins, fears, and tensions, and then to stay ahead of the pollution process. Earth Purification means developing a conscious relationship to your body, and to the environment and planet. It has to do with food mastery, movement or exercise and experiencing nature directly to the point where you can fell the immediate results of being in the woods or by a stream. Air Purification is breathing consciousness, breathing energy or prana as well as air. Water Purification is bathing consciously so you can learn actually to feel and appreciate what the water is doing for you. The purpose of conscious bathing is to clean and balance the energy body. Fire Purification is sitting by a fire so your energy bodily or wheels of energy and turn through the flames. It is learning through personal experience what it feels like to have your energy body or aura directly cleansed by fire.