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Rebirth Affirmations

Rebirth Affirmations
1. I am breathing fully and freely.
2. I survived my birth, therefore my parents and doctor, and I myself, love life more than death and choose my survival.
3. My physical body is a pleasant and wonderful vehicle for my full and free self-expression.
4. I am glad to be out of the womb so l can express myself fully and freely.
5. I now receive assistance and cooperation from people.
6. I am safe, protected by Infinite Intelligence and Infinite Love, people and things no longer hurt me without my conscious permission.
7. I am no longer afraid of my breath.
8. I have the right and ability to express my hostility about my birth without losing people's love and support.
9. I am now willing to see my birth clearly.
10. Feeling all my emptiness won't destroy me.
11. I forgive myself for the pain I caused myself at birth.
12. Energy and vitality are my birthright.
13. My mother loves and appreciates me.
14. My mother is now glad that I was born.
15. My mother is now happy to get me out of the womb.
16. It was a privilege for my mother to have the honor lo bring me into the world.
17. I am the way, the truth and the life. I came through her body and I am glad to be here. The entire universe is glad that I am here.
18. I no longer feel unwanted. The universe rejoices at my presence in It.
19. The universe is singing in my atoms.
20. My mother, father, family and friends are all glad that I was born & that I am alive.
21. Praise the Lord for the perfection of my living flesh.

Ten Yoga Exercises Received from Babaji
1. 3 breathing cycles through mouth on toes
2. 3 breathing cycles through nose on toes
3. Head forward while holding breath
4. Head forward and to sides while holding breath
5. 3 breathing cycles through mouth on toes
6. Reclining feet together breathing - 3, 5, or 7 times
7. 3, 5, or 7 sit-ups
8. Concentration while breathing-1iminute +
9. Concentration without breathing - 15 seconds +
10. Chant OM or Abubabaji's mantras

Breathing is air purification, fasting is earth purification, meditating on a candle or fireplace is fire purification, and bathing is water purification. Earth, air, water and fire are the basic physical elements of the human body and the universe. Here are a few suggestions for conscious bathing.

Savings Law

There are two affirmations for the Saving Law:
1. A part of all I earn is mine to keep (save).
2. Every day my income increases whether I am working, playing or sleeping.
If you have money in a savings account, then your money is increasing every day whether you are working, plying or sleeping, so the affirmations are already true. Once your mind has accepted the savings law on this basic level, it will transfer it to all other levels. The way you practice the Savings Law is to have at least four savings accounts:
1. Large Purchases
2. Investment
3. Annual Income
4. Financial Independence
(1) Large Purchases: The basic goal is to keep this account empty, and it is extremely difficult to do that when you have the other three savings accounts. When you have a real prosperity consciousness, you will create the money you intended to draw out of the savings account before you have time to get to the bank.

(2) Investment Capital: Everyone at one point has thought of owning stock or real estate; and most people don't have any. The reason most people don't have any is because they don't have an investment saving account. You have probably never had enough money together at one time to invest in the stock market or to but real estate. So that is the purpose of this account; and you cannot withdraw money from it for it for anything but investments that pay a higher rate of return. The savings account must be governed by this rule.

(3) Annual Income: There are two purposes for this account. The first is accumulate an annual income so that you will have a year's income in reserve, and you can take a year off any time that you desire without working. The second purpose is to use the annual income account into your annual income account, and then draw some out (less than you put in) for ongoing expenses. You make a weekly transfer from your savings account to your checking account. This gives you a new kind of mentality because you learn that you have the ability to pay yourself.

(4) Financial Independence: This is most important savings account. The purpose of is to accumulate enough income so you can live off the interest, whether you work or not. In order to make this account work, you need to abide by two rules:
(a) You can never take out the principal. The money you deposit in that account has to stay there forever.
(b) You have to spend a portion of the interest regularly. If you are adding to the principal regularly, then you can take all the interest and spend it. If you stop adding to the principal, when you can only spend up to 90 percent of the interest. In this way, the interest check will get bigger and bigger all the time. Just having the reality of an interest check in your consciousness will blow your mind. Basic to this account is the necessity to means to Leonard is $1000 per month coming in whether he works or not.

Investment Law

1. All my investments are profitable.
2. Part of all my profits go into permanent wealth, current expenses, capital and reserves.
Your mind can just as easily make all your investments profitable as only half of them. Whatever you concentrate on increases, so if you concentrate on having only 50 percent of your investments profitable, then that is the way it will turn out. Divide your profits from each investment into 4 categories & place a portion in each;
1. Expenses
2. Investments
3. Investment Savings Account
4. Financial Independence Account

(1) Expenses: The purpose of spending a portion of each profit each investment cycle is sot hat you build a consciousness of benefiting from your investment in the present instead of saving for the future (never comes).

(2) Investments: If you take a portion of your profits & add it to your original capital, it gets bigger.

(3) Investment Savings Account: By putting a portion of your profit in, your investments keep diversifying.

(4) Financial Independence Account: A part of your profits become permanent wealth in this account.
There is a lot more to say about these simple and powerful laws. Leonard's money tapes expand them a lot. Leonard may put out a whole book on the subject, but if you practice these laws for a year.

Money Affirmations
Law 1- Earning Law
1. I deserve to be wealthy.
2. My job is the pipeline by which I tap the infinite wealth of my U.S. economy for my own personal desires.
3. My personal connection to Infinite Being and Infinite Intelligence is adequate enough to yield a huge personal fortune.

Law 2- Spending Law
1. My income now exceeds my expenses.
2. Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.
3. The more willing I am to prosper others, the more willing others are to prosper me.
4. The more willing others are to prosper me, the more willing I am to prosper others.
5. I now have a positive personal cash flow

Law 3- Savings Law
1. My income increases every day whether I am working, sleeping or playing.
2. A part of all I earn is mine to keep.

Law 4-Investing Law
1. All my investments are profitable.
2. part of my profits goes into permanent wealth, current expenses, capital and reserves.

More Money Affirmations
1. I now have a success consciousness with money.
2. I now have a surplus consciousness.
3. I enjoy being economically self-sufficient.
4. People enjoy paying me money for what I enjoy doing the most.
5. Life always holds out as much goodness as I am willing to accept.
6. I am enjoying creating prosperity for the person who gives me money.
7. My connection to Infinite Intelligence is adequate enough to yield a huge personal fortune.
8. The more willing I am to prosper others, the more willing they are to prosper me.
9. I have the right to give my self permission to become wealthy or do anything I want.
10. I no longer have to go along with the erroneous ideas of my parents about making money.
11. The wealthier I become, the more I spread it around.
12. Each year my money increases faster than I spend it.
13. It takes less effort to be wealthy than it does to keep out the universal supply.
14. Life rewards me with abundance.
15. I deserve to be wealthy, rich, prosperous, affluent.
16. I enjoy expressing my abundance.
17. I now have a prosperity consciousness all of the time.
18. If I don't watch out, money will drop into my lap.
19. I don't have to work to get money.
20. Money is trying to come to me and, if I just get out of the way, it will happen.
21. People are now rewarding me with money just for being alive.

Weight Affirmations

1. I like my body-and the more I like it, the more lovable becomes.
2. My body automatically processes everything I eat to maintain my perfect weight of___________.
3. Everything I eat turns to health and beauty.
4. I deserve the pleasure that I am about to receive from eating.
5. I am losing weight and gaining beauty.
6. I am highly pleasing to myself whether I eat or not.
7. I am highly pleasing to my parents whether I eat or not.
8. The more I experience pleasure from eating, the more beautiful I become.
9. Food itself is not fattening; the instructions I give to the food control my results.
10. Infinite Intelligence within me always does the right thing maintain my perfect weight of___________.
11. I now have enough time to enjoy eating while I am doing it.
12. That which is pleasurable no longer has any undesirable con-sequences.
13. The more satisfaction I experience, the less emptiness I experience.
14. My life and health are really sustained by the Light of God.
15. All food is good for me and I eat for pleasure.
16. My metabolism is responding to my new instructions.
17. I only eat when I fully enjoy it.
18. I have the right to change my parents rules about eating.
19. I deserve to be loved and I am OK whether I eat or no