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Taoist Alchemy Salt- More Precious than Gold

     At Tao Garden we use this salt for all cooking. In Korea today, Divine Herbalist Insan Kim (1909-1992) is respected and worshipped as foremost Taoist Healer who attained the highest enlightenment in the world history. Not only did he introduce numerous marked herbal remedies, he also perfected the alchemy of transforming sea salt into the most powerful substance for many chronic conditions. According to his profound application of 'Five Elements', Water (sea-salt) contained in Wood (bamboo) sealed by Earth (red mountain clay) is confined within Metal (iron furnace) to be transformed into "Insan Jukyom (bamboo salt)" by yang Fire created by the yin Wood (pine resin). When the metal of water (solid state salt) turns into water of water (liquid state salt) at the end of the ninth repeated alchemical process, ordinary sea-salt is suddenly transformed into "Pure Gold" for human health. The pure Water element obtained is as same as re-creation of "Gahm Lo (planetary water spirit)' which is always sought after by Taoists to attain immortality. In this century of pollutants, one should re-experience how Insan Jukyom (bamboo salt) can contribute to health without any common salt harms and sodium troubles by polluted sea-salt and chemical salt. While Insan Jukyom is completely pollution-free, it naturally brings out variety of essential minerals. The human body consists mostly of water, which is protected and maintained by salt. It has been noted that such pure alkaline salt contributes to detoxification of human body instead of contamination. At Insan Company, the faithful family members, disciples and apprentices of the late master confidently and proudly continue the tradition of painstaking procedure up to every detail to provide mankind with a health choice in the current and future global situation.
Made in Korea by Insan Health Food Co., Ltd.