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Tai Chi Chi Kung II

Start as Tai Chi I but don't turn left foot in.
Shift tail bone above left heel
Spike right heel wide
Draw right hip forward with right arm
Foot goes down
Tail bone over right heel
Move tailbone over left heel, right arm back left arm forward
Right foot- up
Hip rotates to left, foot turns to left 90 degrees
Left hand protects head
Right foot 90 degrees
Shift tailbone right heel
Lift left heel up
Open up hip to left
Plant left toe 90 degrees left arm goes with left leg
Right hip moves round, right hand protects head
Left hand protects knee, palm out
Right hand protect left shoulder
Same time, left hand in front of right shoulder
Circling right hand to right shoulder connects with palm
Sink back tail bone over right heel
Lift left foot, discharge ward off with a stiff right leg
Right foot straight
Roll hip Palms line right leg
Right palm protect left elbow
Lift up left foot, straight back
Press against left palm with right wrist
Stiff leg foot straight
Discharge press
Sink back separate hands
Tail bone over right heel
Left foot on left toe
Discharge push, stiff right leg, right foot straight
single whip
Turn hip to right
Right hand forms beak
Align right beak to left palm and right leg
Step out and spike left heel
Left foot 90 degrees to right
Left hand protects knee, right hand protects head
Shift tailbone over left heel
Right heel up
Open hip to right
Wide step on to right toe
Move right arm with right leg
Turn left hip
Arm drawing up left palm to protect head
Right arm protects right knee
Circle left hand to right shoulder, right hand to left shoulder
Draw left hand to left shoulder
connect palms
Move tailbone to left heel
Ladies Shuttle, lift right leg
Discharge, stiff left leg left foot straight
Push left hip forward
Right hand protects head
Change direction
Shift tail bone over right heel, open left hip
Step back, left foot 90 degrees
At same time right hand crosses left wrist protecting left knee
Left arm moves with left leg
Step back right foot
Left hand protects left knee
Right hand protects head
Tail bone over left heel
Step back right foot
Move tail bone over right heel
Step onto left toe
Complete circles
Right palm to left shoulder
Left palm to right shoulder
Palms conntect
Start again Ward off