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How to Master the Abdominal

This control gets it's name from the rolling effect it creates when done properly. The abdominal roll is easily the greatest laugh provoking control m the repertoire of a muscle control artist. Even when performed in night clubs it goes over great. A few years ago I received a letter from Lilly Christin, (known as the Cat Girl) and a star of Mike Todd's "Peep Show," now one of the nation's top pin-up girls. In her letter she stated how she would like to learn the belly rolls. (Never did get around to answering her letter.) Who knows, maybe some day our paths will cross then I can give her a few pointers on muscle controls. More than once I've been approached by female strippers asking for pointers on muscle control movements. A good exponent of the belly rolls is Samai Gamal. When done properly it feels as though your insides are being massaged very gently. Faulty digestion and constipation are soon eliminated in the majority of cases by the men and women who practice this control. Exercises that will help develop all the muscles of the abdominal wall are: all kinds of forward, backward or side bending, cither while standing, sitting or lying.
Standing erect, relax all the abdominal wall muscles, making sure to let all the muscle and viscera sag, i.e. hang loosely with no effort on your part to hold the stomach in. This is the first step; always keep in mind that in order to learn how to control any muscle properly you have to relax that muscle; with a muscle tensed or flexed it is nigh impossible to control it. Now you can try and pull in the lower part of the abdominal wall and at the same time thrust the upper part forward. See illustration 1. It isn't necessary to practice this control with lungs filled with air, just breathe normally and also practice this control on an empty stomach. Once you become proficient with the first part of the control you are ready for the second part. Trying to pull in the upper part of the abdominal wall and making the lower part protrude, making it seem as though your stomach has dropped. Practice this until you get perfection; you can probably learn to do this control by pushing one part in with your hands while letting the other part protrude, gradually removing the hands as you get the feel of the controls. Once this is mastered you can start pulling in the lower part of the abdominal wall and letting it out back and forth; you can also do this with the upper part of the abdominal wall. Now that this is mastered you alternate with the upper and lower parts. After a little practice on this you will find you can do this fairly fast and by so doing you give the illusion of making waves with the abdominal muscles. A variation of this control is obtained by trying to move the abdominal rolls from side to side. Until next month keep practicing. Arm controls will come next.