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Kombucha Tea Recipe

Kombucha Tea Recipe
Upon receipt, allow air to enter bag(s) before refrigerating; start the first batch of tea within 3-4 days following these instructions. Start "Mother" mushroom with starter tea your receive and transfer same from a previous batch each and every time. The murky tea in the bottom of each hatch contains "spores" and makes the best innoculant. Each new batch produces a baby that begins to form about day eight (look for a thin membrane or scum like film forming above the mother on the surface equal to the diameter of the container. The mother grows darker with age, while the offspring will be more translucent in appearance and will form whitish spots as it matures and may have darkish spots of tea lignins (brown pigments) on underside of mushroom. Batches are incubated at room temperature for 14 days. Adjust incubation time based on room temperature (longer for cooler weather, shorter in summer) to produce a tea that is more vinegar than sweet (around 14 days the glucoronic acid level peaks). Shorter duration batches taste better, but do not have the ability to rejuvenate the body.

Space batches about 3 days apart until you have as many batches "brewing" as needed to meet your needs. When on vacation, incubate a batch for up to 45 days. Up on return, use sediment in bottom of batch to "start" several batches at once to get your routine going again. Throw away mother mushroom every 2nd batch or when it becomes to thick and substitute baby. Mushrooms have personalities. Some sink, some float: some batches of tea are carbonated, others not; most mothers produce babies, some don't. Just go with the flow & don't freak out.

To make Tea: Fill a pan (preferably an enamel or porcelein pan) with 3 1/2 quart 5 of good quality water (BEV if you have it, bottled if you don't); 1 cup of white sugar (preferably sugar cane derived sugar vs sugar beet sugar); 10 drops of "racemized" sea minerals if you have them. Bring water almost to a boil, add sugar, stir, remove from heat and add 5 bags of Upton or Red Rose orange, orange pekoe/pekoc cut black tea, Chinese tea (no instant or herbal teas; avoid green teas). Steep for 10-15 minutes; remove bags, let cool to room temperature. Next, pour solution into a one gallon widemouth glass jar (look for old pickle/mayo "glass" jar's from restaurants) or use common porcelain enamel pan, plastic container like a water pitcher, tupper ware, or glazed crock. Add starter tea innoculant and mushroom from starter bag or from last batch. Cover container with a paper napkin or paper towel and use rubber band to secure cover (do not use any type of cloth material). When starting a new batch, repeat the above process. Sometimes you have to divide mother and baby mushrooms by peeling them apart (layers meld and can become very thick and fibrous if left for several batches making it difficult to separate them) (if you tear a hole in your baby, it will not do any harm). Drink each batch within 72 hours (3 mugs a day is a good goal).

Limit initial Kombucha consumption to 1/2 cup the first day or two. Increase consumption over several days. Kombucha teals a very powerful whole body rejuvenator and should be taken between meals on an empty stomach. If your system overly reacts, adjust intake for a short time and try again. Kombucha tea is a powerful tissue cleanser!

NOTE: Keep finished tea refrigerated in glass or plastic. The mushroom is not eaten. Never make or store tea in a metal container, especially aluminum. Never let the mushroom remain in contact with metal or it will Die! The mushroom is a living chemical factory. It converts left-spin energy (white sugar) into a right- spin energy (Energy is never lost, it merely changes form). The tea is loaded with enzymes, organic acids, hormones, and vitamins! Do not substitute honey, fructose, turbanado, brown sugars for evil 'white' sugar. Use common tea bag tea. Relax! Tea is not dangerous in any way. Its good for children and babies, too. Use books for background information. Ignore over zealous nature of books. Keep it simple, have fun and enjoy yourself.