taoist practice

Kan and Li Darkness Meditation-Master Chia

Crane Neck: A very important part when you are going to do meditations: always make sure that all the joints and spinal cord vertebrae are loose. So, the Crane Neck is very good to do. Doing the Crane Neck, spiral: curving the three balls in the head, chest and abdomen and flatten the stomach down as you move to the back. The three balls are curving, and pull your stomach all the way to the back. Stretch your spinal cord: stretch your neck very long. Stretch your lumbars out as you move forward. When you come in, pull your stomach in and roll your stomach up your spine. It's very, very good. If you have time you can do the Crane Neck 36 times.
Rock your Hips: Smile and rock your hips side to side, and feel your lumbars rocking upwards one by one. Rock one by one up the thoracics and up the cervicals. Then rock back downwards. Feel your vertebrae in the spinal column rocking one by one. Very important, smile to each spinal vertebra and feel them loose.
Shake the Spine: Now let's shake the spine. Shake it up and down. Hah-h-h-h… Smiling from the top of the spine down to the coccyx. From the Coccyx, smile all the way up again-smiling up and down.
Spin in your Heart and Tan Tien: Hold your hands together in a praying position. Touch your heart, and start to smile into your heart and Tan Tien. … Start to spin in your heart and Tan Tien-very important, spinning in your heart and Tan Tien. … Make your heart feel soft. … Gradually be aware of two pakuas and Tai Chi symbol cutting into your heart, generating an electromagnetic field outward. … Be aware of the love feeling, and let the love radiate out like a magnetic field. Love, joy and happiness: let these feelings spread out into the aorta vena cava, into your lungs' cells, and from the aorta vena cava into the arteries and veins-and out to every part of your body, to every cell in the body. Feel this love, joy and happiness spread out. … Continue spiraling. Be aware of the appreciation, aware of the thankfulness and aware of the gratefulness. … Let it spin and radiate out-the appreciation-into all your body, all your cells. Gratefulness: radiating out to all the cells. Thankfulness, kindness and generosity: keep on spiraling and continue the flow into your body.
Radiate your Good Energy out to Others: Radiate it out to your loved ones. When you have so much of this good energy and when you radiate out to your loved ones, friends and relatives-you can also radiate out to your enemy. When you have a lot of them, just give it to them, and don't let them intimidate you. When people that hate you, or you hate them, they always make your chemistry in your body change when you think about them.
     My Master told me a story. He asked me, "What makes your enemies very happy?" And I could not answer it. He said that it is very simple. When they try to make you angry and feel so much hatred and negative emotions-and you respond to that! When you get so much anger and hatred, one day you will get a heart attack. When you go to the hospital, your enemies will feel very, very happy.
     And, he asked me, "What makes your enemy very, very unhappy?" Now I know how to answer that. When the enemy tries to make me angry, tries to tell faults about me or tries to accuse faults about me-I don't respond to anything. So, when he watches me and sees that I am still happy-he gets a heart attack and winds up in a hospital. So that is the way of the Tao, you know. You don't have to love your enemy; you don't have to make your enemy happy. You don't let them intimidate you, but if you have a lot of good energy, you can send some of it to him or her. You can tone down that hatred inside them so that they don't intimidate you, don't keep on accusing you and don't keep on making trouble for you.
Spiral in the Sexual Organs: Be aware of your sexual organs. Smile. Bring the loving energy down to your sexual organs. Spiral in your sexual organs. Love and sex combine. You also can picture God and Goddess having sex above you-you and God making love, and you and your loved one making love. Once you feel orgasm, you expand orgasm and compassion into the universe. It will activate and multiply.
Ovarian and Testicle Breathing: You can also can do very gentle ovarian and testicle breathing by lightly squeezing and contracting the sexual organs. Contracting the eyes and your mouth and squeezing in your brain.
Power Lock: You also can do the Power Lock. Contract everything: eyes-ears-nose-mouth-tongue-teeth-chin-eyes. Compress into your bones, draw up and suck it all up to the brain. …
Infrared Light: Now, be aware of the infrared light. Feel your sacrum breathing and opening, and the spinal cord fluid is increasing the flow. Picture your sacrum very big and very long, extending to the universe. The chi is breathing, and when there is so much energy in your sacrum, it rises up through your spine. Activate the spinal cord fluid and the flow into the brain. … Feel the temple bones activate and the third eye open. Smile to the universe, and see a lot, a lot, of infrared light-and many, many other lights. Let the light enter into your Third Eye, reflecting on the mirror and reflect down to the perineum. …
Melt the Glacier: Spiral the Infrared Light. Breathe in the infrared light to the groin and lower abdomen. This area is known as the Glacier because negative experiences, feelings and thoughts related to sexual frustrations are locked by tension, 'frozen,' in the cells in this area. Feel your third eye open and the infrared light come in and spread very fast to your Glacier area, spinning very fast in the Glacier. You also can feel your hair very long and extending to the universe, absorbing the infrared light and directing it in to the Glacier and perineum. Smile in the cosmic orgasm, cosmic compassion and unconditional love into the Glacier and the fluid of the melting Glacier. Let this energy fill them: start mixing them with and creating more holy water from the melted glacial fluid. Feel a pool of water energy gathering in the perineum collection point.
Charge your Kidneys: Rub your hands warm, rub your kidneys and cover the kidneys. Feel the kidneys connecting to the soles of your feet, and the feet connecting to the ground below you. … Feel the earth and the galaxies below-the energy blended in the earth comes up to your soles feeling like bubbles. It feels like a bubbling spring from the earth, bubbling up. The more you feel the bubbling spring, the more it charges your kidneys.
     Once the kidneys become fully charged, you feel a lot of energy in your crown and mideyebrow-and pulsing more in the palms and the soles. When the chi becomes more full in the brain, it comes down to the tongue and starts to move in the orbit, very fast and very strong. Now, when you feel your kidneys being charged and the third eye and the temple bones have been activated, bring the kidney energy and pour it into the perineum collection point.
     Be aware of the adrenal glands and bring the light into the adrenal glands. Spiral: activate them, and bring the energy up to the heart, and pour it into the heart.
Spring In The Crystal Room: Holy Fire. Now, be aware of the spring in the Crystal Room-the spring in the heart still continues, and the spring in the sacrum. The spring in the Crystal Room activates, absorbing the chi from the mid-eyebrow, the crown and the universe into it. Bring in more infrared light into the Crystal Room and spin very fast. Let it blend with the Crystal Room energy: let it become the Sacred Fire process.
Perineum: Sacred Water. The perineum with the melted glacier water becomes the Sacred Water. Be aware of the cosmic orgasm and unconditional love. … Let this cosmic orgasm and the unconditional love start to flow from the crown and spread to all your skin, your bones, all the organs and cells in your body. Feel every single cell in the body absorbing this energy. Each cell will automatically absorb it by itself. … Feel every cell has much more connection now. We can prove in the Tao that the cells can grow more connections-it is like what we know in the West as osmosis-and grow with light. Infrared light goes in and triggers more light. … So much love, so much orgasm-cosmic orgasm-in every single cell! When you get this thing-this combined energy state of love and orgasm in the cells-all ready, we are going to lower it down and do the coupling.
Lower Tan Tien Coupling: We are going to start with the Lower Tan Tien coupling. Inhale…exhale. Flatten down the Lower Tan Tien and couple the energy from the heart and perineum. Couple and suck in. Hold it for a while, and feel the coupling.
Solar Plexus Coupling: Inhale a little bit…exhale; flatten down your upper abdomen, the solar plexus, and bring the energy from the crystal room down to the heart, down to the solar plexus, and let it couple.
Heart Coupling: Inhale a little bit…exhale. Sink your chest, and couple in the heart…h-h-m-m-m…. You can do it three times yourself-in the coupling.
Add Infrared into Cauldrons: Stir, Steam and Cook. Bring in the infrared light-add it into the fire, the stove-and feel the gentle cooking process starting to happen. Bring in the infrared light into the cauldron, the pot, in the Lower Tan Tien, and stir. Slowly stir until you feel the steam coming out.
     Move up to the solar plexus and slowly stir there also until the steam comes out. Gentle cooking process!
     Stir in the heart center, the pot. Keep on stirring and maintain the gentle cooking process below.
     Smile: smile into your cauldrons, into the pots. Keep on stirring, stirring and stirring-until the steam starts to rise up. Let the three steams join hands together.
Steam the Bones: Guide the steam to steam the bones. Start from the coccyx, sacrum, spine and the skull. The steam is like a cleaning process, and it can rejuvenate cells. It has the power of regeneration also. Let the steam steam-clean the spinal cord…and feel the infrared light spiraling, spinning in the bones-compassion, orgasm energy spiraling in the bones, regenerating the bones-and grow more spinal cord fluid.
     Next, let the steam change to steaming the sternum and the ribcage. Let the ribcage steam, clean, so that the infrared light can absorb in, the cosmic orgasm and compassion energy can absorb in-and regenerate more marrow inside us, healthy bone marrow.
     Let's steam the arms' bones, their marrow. Steam-clean the bones in the arms. Always check the water and fire. The heart can add more fire to the stove, and the perineum and kidneys can add more water into the pot. Make sure the pot doesn't dry out, and make sure the fire doesn't burn too strong. Be conscious of it. Steam the hip and leg bones. … And when you finish steaming, bring in the infrared light, cosmic orgasm and compassion into the bones. Funny, laughing, happy bones! Smile; think funny-inner laughing! Muffled inner laughing: hmp-hmp-hmp-hmp. And feel the vibration into the bones. Hmp-hmp-hmp….
Steam the Organs: Now, let's start steaming the organs-organ by organ. Steam your kidneys…Feel the steam go into the kidneys. Steam-clean the cells: every cell of the kidneys and the genes. Any bad genes: let's steam them out, clean them out, and get rid of any bad ones. … Bring the compassion, cosmic orgasm and infrared light into the kidneys. Let them blend and spiral and crystallize the kidneys. Just take your time to do that. Maybe sometimes only steam, especially, longer until you feel some changes in the kidneys-or in the organ(s) that you are working on… your bladder, your sexual organs.
     Next, steam the small and large intestines. Do the same process again. Keep on steaming, cleaning. Go deeper, deeper into the cells. Go deeper, deeper into the genes. … If you want to lie down, you can lie down also. Make sure the coupling is tight and coupled down. Just be conscious of the kidneys charging and the sacrum breathing. Once you start the process, it should be ongoing….
     So, you can go on to steaming the liver and gall bladder; the heart; the spleen, pancreas and stomach; the lungs; and steam the thymus gland. As you continue, go up to the thyroid and parathyroid glands, pituitary gland, thalamus and pineal glands. Finally, steam the whole brain….
Solar Plexus Mini Pearl or Sun: Now, you can bring the infrared light down again to stir in the pot in the solar plexus. Let it crystallize and become a mini pearl or sun. Let it shine bright and clear inside you. So keep on stirring, stirring and crystallizing it to become a pearl….
     Be aware of the spinning in your crystal room. Be aware of the spinning in your heart. Be aware of the spinning in your sacrum.
Stars of the Big Dipper Connecting to the Brain: Now be aware of the stars in the Big Dipper connecting to the brain.
     1. First star, purple, connecting to the back in the small brain
     2. Second star, dark blue, connecting to the memory center
     3. Third star, light blue, pineal gland
     4. Fourth star, green, thalamus
     5. Fifth star, yellow, hypothalamus
     6. Sixth star, orange, olfactory nerve
     7. Seventh star, red, third eye
Feel the pull of the Big Dipper-and your pineal gland connecting to the North Star.
Second Set:
     1. First star, purple, third eye
     2. Second star, dark blue, small brain
     3. Third star, light blue, C-7
     4. Fourth star, green, thymus gland
     5. Fifth star, yellow, solar plexus
     6. Sixth star, orange, umbilical cord
     7. Seventh star, red, Lower Tan Tien
Pakua Spinning and Expanding: Now be aware of the spinning of the heart pakuas and expanding ring by ring: very big, very big, bigger, bigger, bigger-up to 50 to 60 to 70 meters long.
Fetus, Energy and Spirit Bodies: Form a vehicle in your body-and in your energy and spirit bodies. … Be aware of the fetus. Be aware of the energy and spirit bodies. Let all of them spin.
Into the Ground and Mid-Plane (Animals, Flowers and Sacred Mountains): Now, you can do the voyage down into the ground to take on more new animals or go into the mid-plane to take out flowers, plants and trees….
Mid-plane again: this time we're going to go into the mountains looking for the holy mountains. The way to recognize the holy mountains: you see the vortex from the universe spiraling down and distribute to all the rest of the mountains there. Or, you see the light inside there. Be aware of your star, and be aware of the protections-the chi field and the animal protection in the room.
Animals' protection:
     · Dark Blue Tortoise in the North
     · Red Pheasant in the South
     · Green Dragon in the East
     · White Tiger in the West
     · Yellow Phoenix on the Top
     · Black Tortoise below in the Earth
Universal Forces into the Room: Activate all the Eight Forces: Water, Fire, Lightning and Thunder, Ocean, Rain and Lake, Earth, Mountain, and Wind-all the Universal Forces into the room. Activate them with wind and lightning and thunder, and feel that the whole room is electrified.
Connect Personal Star to the Sacred Mountains: Travel into the mountains, connecting with your star. Connecting them all together…and bring it back and connect to all the nine sacred mountains in your brain. Picture yourself sitting on the peak on the top of the highest mountain. Feel all the mountains are connected together. You also can connect with any temple, church or place that you like.
Expand to your Cosmic Body: Make your perspective big, extending to all the constellations.
     · The crown into the center constellation in space
     · The left hand to the western constellations
     · The right hand to the eastern constellations-your palms and arms touching all the stars
     · Your left leg to the northern constellations
     · Your right leg to the southern constellations-spreading out.
Beam Forces Down From Your Cosmic Body: Feel the cauldrons in your crystal room, in your heart and your Lower Tan Tien-and the kidneys. Sense these as having corresponding counterparts in your cosmic body. Gathering the forces from the constellations, beam them down into the cosmic crystal room and beam them down to the cosmic heart. From the lower part of your cosmic body, your legs-beam the forces into the Lower      Tan Tien and the kidneys. Let these beam the forces into the heart in your cosmic body-very big, very long.      And from your cosmic heart, it beams down to your crown and your heart. Feel your body very big, very long-extended to the whole universe-the cosmic body. Feel the cosmic particles flow into your skin, absorbing into your bones, spinning very fast and gently cooking with infrared light. Turn the cosmic particles to be your body energy.
Work on your Own Elements: Feel the pulling of the elements. For example, your liver: green light, spinning very fast in the liver and spinning into your Tan Tien, spinning to the heart and up into your crown, expanding to the universe and spinning very fast, gathering more green light-wood element, growing power. So whatever element you are spinning in space, when you feel the pull is very strong, bring this spinning down to the center of the room above you spinning very fast. Hook it up to your personal star. Also be aware that you are connecting with everybody in the room. Whatever you think about the dark retreat here in the Darkroom: think about the people and the connections, and the pool of energy will be available for you and everybody.
Steam, Crystallize and Transfer to Spiritual Body: Body Becomes Young. Be aware of the energy body and the fetus growing, and you transfer the heart, the cauldron, into the spiritual body. Gradually you transfer the senses one by one. When you crystallize your senses-steaming the senses crystallizes the senses-you can transfer them into the spiritual body. So your body becomes younger and younger-young body. Not empty body: you are also gathering the energy into your bones. Collect and store the energy in your bones.
Self-Intercourse, Cosmic Orgasm and the Pearl: Don't forget: it is always good to do the self-intercourse. Self-intercourse is very simple. You feel orgasm in your sexual organ, and let it spread out into your crown. Expand to the universe, and feel the universe- cosmic orgasm comes back into your whole body. So, you start to feel total body orgasm. And, the liver and the spleen, when you self-orgasm, ejaculate into the cauldron. Form a pearl or a body.