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1. Adopt a quiet, peaceful, receptive attitude of mind, knowing that Infinite Intelligence within your subconscious knows the answer and gives it to you through the I Ching.

2. Your question should be lo the point, clear and definite. Question should never be vague or nebulous.

3. You may ask any legitimate question. Do not treat the matter lightly. Ask the question with a certain reverence for the wisdom of the ages.

4. The answers given you in this book under each hexagram are free from Oriental symbolism and Idiomatic and figurative language. You will find short, concise answers couched in the language of everyday life.

5. If you arc wondering which college or university to choose for the further education of your son or daughter, formulate a question separately for each university and select the one with the appropriate answer.

6. The quickest way to get answers Is through tossing coins. Use ordinary U.S. coins, such as pennies. Toss three coins six times, which must be the same site and same kind. Heads are given the value of 2 and tails 3. After six throws of three coins your hexagram is formed. (Some give the value of two to tails and three to heads. It really makes no difference, as the only thing important is the value you give lo them. in this book, follow the value of two for heads and three for tails.)

7. There is no difference in identifying the hexagram. Consult the chart appearing immediately before Hexagram 1. The three lower lines of your hexagram will reveal the trigram in the left-hand vertical corner, and the three upper lines of your hexagram can be found by looking directly opposite the upper trigram from left to right Then let your eyes move in a straight. line to the right of your tower trigram until you arc directly under the upper trigram, and you will find I he number of the hexagram in a square.

8. Moving lines in your first hexagram are 6's and 9's. Six changes to 7 & 9 changes to 8, bringing about a new hexagram.

9. Lines 7 and 8 are stationary and do not move. They an a part of the structure of the hexagram.

10. Read the interpretations under lines marked 6 and 9, such as 6 in the second lines say or 9 in the fifth line says etc. If a line or lines seem to contradict the comment or judgment and image, follow instructions of lines rather than the text above.

11. When there are no moving lines in your hexagram, you pay on attention to the lines of the hexagram. You read the material in the judgment and image and follow that.

12. You do not take any lines into consideration in the second hexagram. Just the judgment and image only.

13. Your motivation is important. Let the Golden Rule and the Law of Love govern you when you use the I Ching.

14. You cannot use the I Ching for any negative or ulterior purposes, as the ancient seers have a built-in mathematical system contained in the interaction of lines and numbers. To state it simply, your subconscious is a recording machine, and it records your silent motives and the nuances of your thought, 50 you can't fool it. If you go into your subconscious with negation, you will reap nothing but negation magnified and multiplied in your life.

15. When two hexagrams are received in response to your query, the first hexagram represents the incipient stage and the second hexagram the outcome or ultimate result.
16. The answer does not exceed two hexagrams.

Your thoughts come in pairs. By detaching your attention from the thought of failure and in focusing your devotion and attention instead on success in all your undertakings, then all the power of the Godhead flows to that focal point of attention, and success is assured. Actually, you will be compelled to succeed, for the law of your subconscious is compulsion. Recognize the value of opposition. If you did not have challenge, difficulties or problems, you would never discover your Divinity. The I Ching wants you to say "yes" to all ideas, which strengthen, heat bless, inspire, elevate and dignify your life, Say "no" boldly to all teachings, ideas. Thoughts, creeds and dogmas, which inhibit, restrict and instill fear into your mind. In other words, accept nothing mentally that does not fill your soul with joy. Everything is constantly changing. The formless is forever taking form and the formed is forever returning to the formless. If it is very hot here in California, you can recede assured it is going to cool off. We may now be experiencing a many parts of Southern California, which is causing homes to be washed away, but the floods will recede. Everything is changing to the opposite. If it is raining somewhere, it also is going to dry up. You can't be sick forever. Everything passes away. St. Theresa said, "Let nothing worry you, let nothing frighten you, let nothing disturb you. Everything passes away but God. God alone is sufficient."

The six places in the hexagram are distinguished as follows: The lowest and the topmost are, so to speak, outside the situation. Of these, the lowest is inferior, because it has not yet entered the situation. The uppermost is superior; it is the place of the sage who is no longer involved in worldly affairs, or, under certain circumstances, of an eminent man who is without power, Of the inner places, the second and fourth (form the bottom) are those of officials, or of sons or women. The fourth is the higher, the second inferior to it. The third and fifth (from the bottom) are authoritative places, the former because it is at the top of the lower trigram and the latter because it is the place of the ruler of the hexagram* The places occupied by the lines are differentiated as superior and inferior, according to their relative. As a rule the bottom and the top lines are not taken into account, whereas the four middle lines are active within the time. Of these, the fifth place is that of the ruler, and the fourth that of the minister who is close to the ruler. The third, as the highest place of the lower trigram, holds a sort of transitional position; the second is that of the official in the country, who nevertheless stands in direct connection with the prince in the fifth place. But in some situations the fourth place may represent the wife and the second the son of the man represented by the fifth place. Under certain circumstances the second place may be that of the woman, active within the house while the fifth place is that of the husband, active in the world without. In short, while any of various designations may be given to a line in a specific place, the varying functions ascribed to the place are always analogous.

1. Yang and Yin lines in Chinese symbolism refer lo the male and female principle within all of us. Yang lines RIC straight lines such as 9 and 7. Yin lines are divided, such as 8 and 6.

2. Think quietly about the hexagram you receive, realizing at the same time that the wisdom of your subconscious is speaking through the I Ching, giving you the appropriate answer.
3. I Ching deals with the fourth-dimensional phase of life; i.e., the mind, which transcends your ego or intellect. Desires, ideas, thoughts and plans you have possess form, shape and substance in the next dimension of life and may be seen and intuitively perceived by a highly psychic or intuitive person.

4. I Ching sees fourth-dimensionally, and when you ask a question, there lakes place an interaction between the lines and the numbers dramatizing the present state of your mind and the future. Your future is always your present slate of mind made manifest.

5. You are calling on the higher aspects of your mind whether you use the coin method or yarrow stalks. Your deeper mind possesses foreknowledge of that which is to come if it is of a negative nature, you can change it by tuning in on the Infinite and becoming a focal point for the harmony, peace and joy of God to govern, guide and direct you.

6. You may ask a question for another. Both of you should agree on the specific question. Focus your attention on the question, knowing the right answer will come to you, and it will be done unto you as you believe.

7. There is no particular advantage In using the yarrow stalk procedure. The whole point is R receptive attitude of mind and a recognition and reverence for the wisdom of the ages. There is no particular virtue in yarrow stalks or in coins. Both are made of the same primordial substance, and the only difference is due to the number and rate of motion of the electrons and protons revolving around a nucleus. There is nothing good or bad, pure or impure, clean or unclean,but thinking makes it so.

8. You will intuitively recognize the response you receive by realizing Infinite Intelligence is revealing the answer to you through the I Ching, which is simply a mathematical medium you have chosen to use. The principle of mathematics existed before any man walked the earth and before any church was formed on the face of the earth. The Eternal Principles underlying this mathematical and ordered universe always existed and are the same yesterday, today and forever.

9. Your subconscious is like a recording machine; it plays back to you what you have impressed upon it. When you are hill of low and goodwill to all and your mind is free from trickery, deceit and chicanery of any kind, and when your motivation is pure noble and God-like, and when you aspire that alt things in life come to you in Divine law and order, then the impulses, promptings, monitions and ideas which well up within you will be on ward, upward, life ward and God ward.

10. When you ask for Divine guidance, realize Intelligence is all-wise, knows all and sees all. Its tendency is always life ward-the abundant life. Trust the Guiding Principle, while knowing It responds to yon as you call upon It. Your motivation
must be wholesome and based on the Golden Rule of Life, i.e you wish for all men what you wish for yourself. The Lead will come to you. You will always recognize it.

11. Sometime the hexagram you receive may inform you to desist from a certain course, as you may be under the sway of a negative emotion. Studying the hexagram, you can get back on the beam of God's glory by filling your mind with the truths of God, which crowd out of your mind everything unlike God.