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Mer-Ka-Ba-Flower of The Life

An Overview of the Human Energy Field Beyond the Mer-Ka-Ba
First there are the original eight cells, and from there the adult human body. Of course, the human body can be replaced with any kind of body and many vary depending on the environment and the needs of spirit, but the geometries will always be the same. In many cases there is no body, simply spirit. Then around the body or spirit, there is the star-tetrahedral field, which always begins the geometry. You will know it to be unstable. It will be slowly wobbling. Therefore, breath number seventeen is necessary to speed it up.

Breath: At the moment of exhalation, make a small hole with your lips and blow out your air with pressure. Notice how your stomach muscles contract and your throat seems to open. In the first moment of this breath, you will feel the sphere begin to bulge as you force the air through your lips. Then at the right moment (usually within a second or two), relax and let all the remaining air out through your lips. At that moment the sphere will immediately expand to the size of the Leonardo sphere. Notice that the original smaller sphere is also still there. There are two spheres, one within the other.

Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth Breath : Inbreath and Outbreath
Mind: Relax and drop your visualization. Simply feel the flow of the prana flowing from the two poles, meeting at the navel and expanding outward to the large sphere.
Breath: Deep, rhythmic yogic breathing. At the end of the thirteenth breath you have stabilized the large sphere and are ready for the important fourteenth breath. It is important to note here that the original small sphere is still inside the larger sphere. In fact, the small sphere is actually brighter and more concentrated than the larger one. It is from this inner sphere that prama is drawn for various purposes such as healing.

Fourteenth Breath: In breath
Heart : Love

Mind : At the beginning of the fourteenth in breath, using your mind and your thoughts, move the point where the two beams of prana meet from your navel to about two or three finger widths above the bottom of the sternum, the fourth -dimensional chakra of Christ consciousness. The entire large sphere, along with the original small sphere, still contained within the large sphere, moves up to the new meeting point within the tube. Though this is very easy to do, it is an extremely powerful movement. Breathing from this new point within the tube will inevitably change your awareness from third-to fourth-dimensional consciousness, or from Earth consciousness to Christ consciousness. It will take awhile to have this effect on you, but as I have said, it is inevitable if you continue this practice. With love, I begin by asking the person's higher self if there are any entities or dysfunctional energies within that person. If it says yes, I immediately put up a mind field in the shape of an octahedron (two back-to-back pyramids) that surrounds the person and usually myself, too. This is done for two reasons: It will not allow the spirit to escape and move into someone else's body, and it provides a dimensional window at the tip of the octahedron to move the spirit back into its home world. Then I personally invoke Archangel Michael to assist me. He loves to do this work because it brings the universe just a little bit closer into order. He stands behind me and watches over may shoulders. We work together as one. He will work with you if you just ask. Then I place my hand over the person's navel and ask the entity to come forth to me. I then go into telepathic communication with the spirit(s). I have found it is not necessary to have the entity talk out of the person's mouth. (This just makes matters more complex and can produce fear in the person.) Once I am in telepathic communication with the spirit, I send it love so it knows that I am not there just to "get it," but that I am interested in its well-being, too. Every spirit in existence was created by God for a reason and serves a sacred purpose in the overall scheme of life. Nothing has ever been done at random. I tell the entity that my purpose is to return it to the world from which it came. And I mean it. Once the spirit is convinced that I will really do this, it is easy. Then I feel and internally see this spirit. These entities have many shapes and forms, which will seem very strange to a novice. Often they are shaped like a snake or insect, but they can appear in almost any form. At the right time I begin to pull this spirit out of the body. Once the spirit is out about three feet, I hand it over to Michael, and he brings the spirit up to the apex of the octahedron and sends it through the dimensions back to its home. Michael knows exactly what to do. This becomes a win-win situation for both the person and the spirit. The spirit returns home, which to it is like going to heaven. There it can fulfill its sacred purpose in life and be happy. And the person being healed is inside his own body all alone, sometimes for the first time in thousands of years, and he is able to function in a new and healthy way. Many diseases will often simply go away all by themselves, since it was the spirit that was causing the problem in the first place. A little side note: The reason I put my head over the navel is because I have found that that is the easiest place from which to remove spirits. They usually enter a body from a specific chakra at that base of the skull, at what is called the occiput. Usually a person has entities because he has used heavy drugs or alcohol and become vulnerable to them or because entities may.

Last Three Breaths, Creating the Vehicle of Ascension
In used to be taught that you not attempt this fourth part until you had made contact with your higher self and your higher self has given you permission to proceed. We are now giving you permission to proceed, but continue to be open to communication with your higher self. This part is to be taken seriously. The energies that will come into and around your body and spirit have tremendous power.

Fifteenth Breath : Inbreath
Heart : Unconditional love for all life.
Mind : Be aware of the whole star tetrahedron. Each is composed of one Sun (Male) tetrahedron interlocked with one Earth (Female) tetrahedron. These two, the Sun and Earth tetrahedrons together, form the whole star tetrahedron (the three-dimensional Star of David). Now, realize that there are three separate star tetrahedrons superimposed over each other-three complete sets of double (star) tetrahedrons that are exactly the same size and appear as one but are actually separate. Each star tetrahedron is exactly the same size, and each star tetrahedron has a polarity its own, either male, female or neutral. Each star tetrahedron will turn or spin on the same axis. The first star tetrahedron is neutral in nature. It is literally the body itself, and in is locked in place at the base of the spine. It never changes its orientation, except under certain rare conditions that have not been discussed. It is placed around the body according to the sex of the body. The second star tetrahedron is male in nature and electrical. It is literally the human mind, and it can rotate counterclockwise relative to your body, looking outward. To put it another way, it rotates toward your left, beginning from a point in front of you. The third star tetrahedron is female in nature and magnetic. It is literally the human emotional body, and it can rotate clockwise relative to your body, looking outward. Put another way, it rotates toward your right, beginning from a point in front of you.

Fifteenth Breath: Outbreath
Mind: The two sets of tetrahedrons take off spinning. In an instant they will be moving at exactly one-third the speed of light at their outermost tips. You will probably not be able to see this because of their tremendous speed, but you can feel it. What you have just done is to start the "motor" of the Mer-Ka-Ba. You will not go anywhere or have any exciting experience. It is just like starting the motor of a car but keeping the transmission in neutral. It is an essential step in creating the Mer-Ka-Ba.
Breath: Make a small hole with your lips just like you did for breath number ten. Blow out in the same manner, and as you do, feel the two sets of tetrahedrons take off spinning.

Sixteenth Breath: Outbreath
Mind: As you let out the breath, the two sets of tetrahedrons take off in an instant from their setting at one-third the speed of light to two-thirds the speed of light. As they approach two-thirds light speed, a phenomenon occurs : A flat disk quickly extends from the original eight cells within the body (at the level of the base of spine) to a distance of about 55 feet in diameter. And the sphere of energy centered around the two sets of tetrahedrons creates, with the disk, a shape that looks like a flying saucer around the body. This energy matrix is called the Mer-ka-Ba. However, this field is not stable. If you see or sense the Mer-Ka-Ba around you at this point.
Breath: Same as breath number fifteen. Make a small hole with your lips and blow out with pressure. It is at this point that the speed increases. As you feel the speed increasing, let out all your breath with force. This action will cause the higher speed to be fully obtained and the Mer-Ka-Ba tot be formed in a stable position.
Mind: As you breath in, say to yourself the code "nine-tenths the speed of light." His tells your mind to increase the speed of the Mer-Ka-Ba to 9/10 the speed of light, which will stabilize the rotating field of energy. It will also do something else. The third-dimensional universe we live in is tuned to 9/10 the speed of light. Every election in your body is rotating around every atom in your body at 9/10 the speed of light. This is the reason this particular speed is selected. It will enable you to understand and work with the Mer-Ka-Ba in this third dimension without having to have fourth-or higher-dimensional- experiences. This is very important in the beginning.

Seventeenth Breath: Outbreath
Mind: The speed increases to 9/10 the speed of light and stabilizes the Mer-Ka-Ba
Breath: Same as breaths fifteen and sixteen. Make a small hole in your lips and blow out with pressure. As you feel the speed take off, let all your breath out with force. You are now in your stable, third-dimensionally-turned Mer-Ka-Ba. With the help of your higher self, you will understand what this really means. However, it would be desirable to remain in the meditation for a while longer, perhaps fifteen minutes to an hour. While you are in this meditative state, your thoughts and emotions are amplified tremendously. This is a great time for positive affirmations. Talk to your higher self to discover the possibilities of this special meditative time. We will talk about this in detail in the chapter on psychic energy. Speed ratio associated with it in this dimension. The chakra we have moved into with the fourteenth breath and are breathing from is the Christ chakra, and that is the speed ratio of that chakra. The chakra above this one is 55/34, and the one below it, the solar plexus, has a ratio of 21/13. It is not important for us to know this now, for when we reach the fourth dimension we will be given full knowledge about this subject. Many teachers in the world have decided to teach people to move faster than the speed of light with their Mer-Ka-Bas. This is their decision, but I feel it is extremely dangerous. Most of the higher selves of these people will not allow this to happen even if the person commands it to take place. If a person really did have the Mer-Ka-Ba moving faster than the speed of light, that person would not be visible in this world and would exist somewhere else in the universe. They would no longer live on 3D Earth. There will come a time when this will become appropriate, and it is called the 18th breath. We will talk about this in a moment. This type of Mer-Ka-Ba will take you into an overtone of the third dimension of this planet, which has been used by medicine men and women and shamans for thousands of years to gain power and to heal. It has been used even for warfare. But it leads nowhere, and it definitely will not allow you to ascend into the higher worlds that the Earth is taking us to. If you are doing this now, begin anew and start the practice as described here. You can also use the mudra of the interlaced fingers : Interlace your fingers, thumbs lightly touching. After you have created the Mer-Ka-Ba and have been doing it for about two weeks, you can do this blowing out more symbolically because your mind knows exactly what your intentions are and can achieve this step with or without this blowing out. (But if you like to do it, that is oka. This is why the numbers 34/21 are used : As you know from chapter 8, these are Fibonacci numbers. All counter rotating fields in nature, such as pine cones, sunflowers etc., that have different speeds, are Fibonacci numbers. (There may be exceptions, but I am not aware of them.) Yourself in your mind the code words, "equal speed." This will start the two rot table star tetrahedrons spinning in opposite directions at equal speeds. Your mind knows exactly what your intentions are and will do as you say. This means there will be a complete rotation of the mind tetrahedrons for every complete rotation of the emotional tetrahedrons. If one set goes around 10 times, the other set will also go around 10 times, only in the opposite direction. For many years it was recommended that people breath only from the spherical breath until they had made conscious contact with their higher self. Because the Earth had moved into a higher consciousness in the last few years, it is now recommended that you immediately continue to part four of the living Mer-Ka-Ba. This is one of the biggest misunderstandings people have. Now being clear that there are really three sets of tetrahedrons around the body, they simply rotate the Sun tetrahedron counterclockwise and the Earth tetrahedron clockwise.

Surrogate Mer-Ka-Ba
As we said, a surrogate Mer-Ka-ba is a living Mer-Ka-Ba field separate from the Mer-Ka-Ba that is around the person who creates it. It is a Mer-Ka-Ba field that can remain in a fixed area, such as your house or land. It can have completely separate programming from your personal Mer-Ka-Ba, though it remains alive solely through your life-force energy.

It is simply to create:
1. Pick a spot where the "breathing tube" will be.
2. Decide where the outer limits of the Mer-Ka-Ba will be - in other words, where the radius of the disk will end. For example, the edge of your property. The size of this surrogate Mer-Ka-Ba can be very big. (We are still experimenting with this. At the moment I have one 228miles in diameter that is helping with the environment in the area where I live. It took me several years to learn how to use one of this size.)
3. Do not be concerned with the sex of the Mer-Ka-Ba or which way the tetrahedrons are facing. It will work anyway.
4. The size of the tetrahedrons will automatically adjust to the size you set for the disk, so you do not have to think about that, either.
5. As you do your personal meditation with your Mer-Ka-Ba, "see" the same thing happening to your new surrogate Mer-Ka-Ba. Each step of the meditation I through 17 you "see" it happening to your surrogate while you see it happening to your personal one.
6. You must remember your surrogate Mer-Ka-Ba every day, just as you must remember your personal Mer-Ka-Ba. This means that every day as you do your Mer-Ka-Ba meditation, you see the same thing happening with your surrogate, step-by-step, breath-by-breath. When the disk pops out for your personal Mer-Ka-Ba, then the surrogate's disk pops out, too.
7. You can have more than one surrogate, but it becomes complex, since your must remember them to give them life energy.
8. Program your new surrogate to whatever you set immediately after completion. Once programmed, it will stay until you remove it. One last thought. If you have a permanent Mer-Ka-Ba, then you will find that you can create a surrogate Mer-Ka-Ba instantly with a single breath. And it requires less attention to stay alive.