taoist practice

Christ-Consciousness Spherical Breathing
(Whale & Dolphin Breathing)

14 Breaths change Body Energy from 3 rd to 4th Dimensional Awareness)
(1 st 6 breaths balance Polarities & cleanse Electrical Circuits)
1 st Breath-Inhale visualizing Male Tetrahedron (Apex Facing Up) with Brilliant White Light (Surrounding Body) through Nose from Stomach.
To Diaphragm, then Chest in a deep, relaxed, rhythmic manner for 7 seconds Without pausing Exhale thru Nose (7 sec) visualizing Female Tetrahedron.
(Apex Facing Down) filled with Brilliant White Light After Exhale move Eyes toward each other then look up & down to the ground sending White Light in Female Tetrahedron into the Earth feeling Electricity Pulsating
down Spine using index fingers & thumbs touching Mudra
2 nd Breath- Same as I st except Mudra (Thumbs & Middle Fingers Touching)
3 rd breath- Same as I st except Mudra (Thumbs & Ring Fingers Touching)
4 th Breath- Same as I st except Mudra (Thumbs & Baby Fingers Touching)
5 th Breath- Same as I st except Mudra (Thumbs & Index Fingers Touching)
6 th Breath- Same as I st except Mudra (Thumbs A Middle Fingers Touching)
7 th Breath- Inhale Brilliant White Light running down thru Tube from 6" above Body & running up 6" below Body; then meeting inside Tube at the navel growing Light for 7 seconds to size softball; than immediately Exhale expanding Light lo 9" in diameter. Use game Mudra -For next 6 Breaths (Index & Middle Fingers touching Thumbs-Palms up).
8 th Breath- Same as 7 th with maximum size of Light (12") at end of Exhale
9 th Breath- Same as 8 th with Light growing Brighter at end of Exhale.
10 th Breath- Same as 9 th with Light ignite into a sun at end of Exhale blowing out with a small hole of lips forcing it out with a final whoosh Enclosing whole body with a sphere of Charged White Light.
11 th Breath- Same as 10 th with Light ignite into a sun at end of Exhale stabilizing the sphere at the navel & expanding into Sphere around Body
12 th Breath- Same as 11 th with Light ignite into a sun at end of Exhale.
13 th Breath- Same as 12 th with Light ignite into a sun at end of Exhale.
14 th Breath- Same as 13 th with Light ignite into a sun at end of Exhale moving point from Navel to Sternum enlarging Sphere into 4 th Dimension

(Male: Left Pain over Right- Thumbs touching; Female opposite).
Continue with shallow, relaxed breathing at Christ Center for 10 Minutes Hold Pure Thoughts of Love. Truth, Beauty, Trust, Harmony, & Peace which manifest into Reality (Christ-consciousness) more & more quickly
(Next 3 Breaths are taught in Flower of Life Workshops-Bob Frissell)

Twenty Connected Breaths
(Foundation of Rebirthing Leonard Orr)

1) 4 Short Breaths & I Long Breath thru Nose (4x) Daily (20 Breaths)
2) Pull Inhale in & if< go on Exhale (Inhale & Exhale at some Length).
3) Use Short Breaths emphasizing connecting & merging of the Inhale & the Exhale into unbroken circles.
4) Use Long Breath fill Lungs on Inhale, & let go fully on Exhale.
5) Breathe Natural, Free & Rhythmical taking in Energy as well as air