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Casting & Breaking the Spell

The Biggest Secret - David Icke
Everything that exists is an energy field, a unique vibrational pattern of energy created by thought and emotion. All that exists is the same energy, but these infinite patterns create infinite forms, just as water can manifest as liquid, clouds, steam and ice. They look and feel very different, but they are still water in different forms. Some energy patterns manifest as the human body, others the human mind, still others the birds, trees, insects, water, sky and air. At the level of pure energy everything is connected to everything else. There are no them, only we and ultimately "I" and us. Potentially we have the ability to access all other energy and, as energy and consciousness are the same, the ability to access all consciousness, the infinite mind we call 'God'. This 'God' is not apart from us, it is we and we are it. We are an aspect of the infinite mind - as are the reptilians and all that exists - and therefore we have the potential to tap into the entire infinite mind because, at our highest expression, that is what we all are. Everything. We are like droplets in an infinite ocean, individual to an extent, but together we make the whole, the sum total of droplets. Without the droplets there can be no ocean. The question, however, is this: How much of this ocean are we connecting with? If it is a tiny fraction you will live in a cocoon, an eggshell as I call it, delinked from your infinite potential for knowledge, love, understanding and wisdom. You will live a predictable life dominated by worry and fear and believe that you are ordinary and powerless to control your own destiny. If you open your mind and open your heart and break out of that cocoon you connect with more and more of infinity and, in doing so, you understand that you are more than a physical body experiencing one meaningless lifetime. You are infinite consciousness experiencing this world as part of your eternal journey of evolution through experience. You are everything and you have the potential to know everything and do everything what we are experiencing now. If we make new choices, we will create different consequences.

We are in control of our destiny, and people are waking up to that. The reptilians manipulate from the lower fourth dimension, the so-called lower astral frequency range. To control this planet they have to keep the mass of humanity. At or below that level and disconnect them from anything higher. When this is understood, what has happened in the world and is still happening, again makes perfect sense. Crucial to maintaining the human psyche in disconnected ignorance is the manipulation of low vibration emotion, fear, guilt, resentment, dislike of self and condemnation of others, which in the end, are all expressions of fear. These are the very emotions, which resonate to the frequency range of the lower fourth dimension and once we succumb to domination by these emotions we succumb to the control of the reptilian consciousness. Notice that I said domination. Feeling these emotions as part of the life experience is fine. This is important in our evolution to greater understanding and wisdom. It is when these emotions control you that the whole focus of your psyche becomes plugged into the lower fourth dimension to such an extent that the reptilian consciousness can connect and infiltrate your thought patterns. So the Brotherhood uses horrific satanic rituals and sacrifice to synchronize their initiates with the reptilian wavelengths. They also seek to stimulate the character traits of our R-complex, the reptilian part of our brain, which manifest as aggression, ritualism, a desire for hierarchical structure, and so on. What I am suggesting here about the nature of life is not some theory. It can be proved. Scientists and researchers in the United States have shown that the emotion of fear resonates a low vibration pattern, a long wavelength, while the emotion we call love resonates a high vibration pattern, a short wavelength. This is extremely significant for this reason, as the author, researcher and archaeologist Gregg Braden shows in his video. Awakening To Zero Point,' the genetic material of the human body is a highly sophisticated transmitter and receiver of frequencies. Experiments have shown that when you place a piece of DNA, the body's genetic blueprint, in a turf of electrons, the electrons form themselves together in the pattern of the DNA. When you remove the DNA, the electrons still hold the same pattern. In other words, the DNA is constantly affecting the energy around us. Our state of being affects the world second by second. When you change your attitudes and state o being you change the whole because you are part of the whole, indeed you are the whole. Still feeling ordinary and powerless? We have within us a series of micro-antenna called amino acids, which interact with the DNA and, according to Brader there are 64 potential human genetic codes or antenna to transmit and receive frequencies. In short, a potential 64 antenna to connect us with higher frequencies and higher dimensions of ourselves. But, he says, only 20 are activated while 44 remain 'switched off. This means that our ability to connect with our full power, wisdom and potential is massively undermined. No doubt the fact that we use only a fraction of our brain's potential is a consequence of this also. Research by the Institute of Heart Math and others in the United States has further shown that the 'antenna' on the DNA are activated or closed down by the wavelengths of emotion, which constantly pass through the DNA. The emotion of fear (from which all negative emotion derives) is a long, slow wavelength and so can only trigger a few of our potential antennas. But love (from which all positive emotion derives) is a fast, short wavelength and so sparks into action far more of these antennas. Thus when we are under the spell of fear we delink ourselves from our true connection to infinity and live our lives within a small droplet of consciousness, the eggshell. When we express the emotion of love we reconnect with our multidimensional self and our potential becomes infinite because we become infinite. We reconnect with the ocean, with 'God'. There is another way of putting this.

OurConsciousness is a series of interconnecting energy fields. We have our intellect, emotions, spirit and so on, al resonating to different frequencies, but interpenetrating each other through a series of vortices known as charkas, a Sanskrit word meaning 'wheels of light'. As I mentioned earlier, it is through these charka vortices that emotional imbalances are passed to the mental level and, if it continues, to the physical level. This is how stress causes illness and why we stop thinking straight when we are emotionally upset. The seven main charkas are placed between the bottom of the spine and the top of the head. The lower three connect us to the Earth and the top three connect us to the spirit, the 'ocean'. In a connection between the physical and the spiritual: Heaven and Earth. The balance point in the charka system is the heart charka from which we express the emotion of love or hatred, the highest and lowest expressions of this charka's frequency range. This is the origin behind the symbolism of the heart and love. Today love is associated with the physical heart, but it is really the spiritual heart, the heart charka, that was the inspiration for this symbolism. When you are expressing love in its true and purest sense, unconditional, non-judge mental love, as we call it, that heart charka opens like a flower and spins very quickly with enormous power. Flower power! This resonates your whole lower consciousness to the frequency of pure love and, in doing so, reconnects you with your higher dimensions, which resonate to that love frequency. I don't care who you are or what you have done; your soul is pure love. I don't care if you are a reptilian on another dimension, the Queen of England, George Bush, Henry Kissinger, whoever, your soul is pure love. What has happened, however, is that their lower consciousness has become delinked from that highest level of themselves and once that happens the lower consciousness can do some unbelievably horrendous things. But how can they reconnect with their true self-pure love - while they are resonating such hatred? They can't. As with all of us, the only way to reconnect with pure love is to express and live pure love. To do that, of course, they must give up their desire to control and dominate because while they continue with that Agenda they will stay isolated from their infinite selves.
It is the same with science and the few dying and going to oblivion. Humanity is consumed and overwhelmed by fear its multifaceted expressions and that's why we are delinked from who we are the Babylonian Brotherhood has made sure we have remained ignorant of this by controlling what is taught in schools and universities, the institutions of 'science' and, therefore, what the media considers possible and credible in its arrogant and pathetic dismissal of anything which challenges the 'norm'. Humanity spends its life watching a movie screen believing it to be reality while the world as it really is remains hidden from view. Journalists are not reporting what is going on in the world; they are reporting the story line in the movie. I call CNN the movie channel. There is an added bonus for the manipulators of fear. Whenever anyone is in fear they give their power away to anyone they believe will protect them. The technique I call problem-reaction-solution is the manipulation of fear. It is fear, and its offshoots like resentment, which stimulates the calls for "Something must be done" After wars and other outrages, which then leads to the Brotherhood front men offering their solutions.

What we are talking about here is mass mind and emotional control. If you take definition of mind control to be manipulating a person's mind so they think and in ways that you want, how many people on Planet Earth today are not mind trolled? The deaths of President Kennedy and Princess Diana were part of this. Whatever people say about the true character of JFK, the perception was that he resented a new hope for the future. Whether he did or not doesn't matter. People thought he did and so that is what he represented to them. As many Americans have told me over the years, something died in the American psyche when he was murdered. Call it hope, innocence, whatever you like. Something deep in the spirit of America died with him. The underlying feeling was that the good die young and evil always seems to win. It was the same with Diana, the lady associated, quite rightly in case, with the genuine expression of love. When she died that wave of emotion, which followed was not so much for her, the human being; it was for her, the symbol JVC. The mass outpouring of grief was, if you look below the surface, the grief that something else had died with her. Love had died. Goodness had died. The good die young and evil always wins. These are just two global examples of the mass psyche being manipulated into a sense of powerlessness and despair by the mind doctors of Brotherhood at places like the Tavistock network in London. People in a state of fear powerlessness and despair eventually switch off and become the sheep they are encouraged to be, drifting through their lives in numb subservience. But the manipulation of the human mind and emotions, and the disconnection from the infinite ocean, goes much, much, deeper than this. Remember that while reptilians of the lower fourth dimension are spiritually and emotionally slugged, they are very mentally sharp and come from a high level of intellectual knowledge.

This knowledge has been hoarded in the Brotherhood secret society network since the ancient world while being sucked out of the public domain by the destruction of native cultures, the horrors of the Inquisition, and the burning of great esoteric libraries like the one in Alexandria. Balance = harmony. Imbalance = disharmony. If you want disharmony you need imbalance. It is a simple fact and this has played a fundamental part in the Brotherhood's techniques. The balanced female energy is the energy of intuition and reconnection. This is where the idea of a 'woman's intuition' comes from. A female body is far more likely to manifest female energy in abundance and so most of the oracles, chancellors and psychics in the ancient and modern world have tended to be women. But they don't have to be. Men are just as capable of accessing their female polarity and using this creative force to connect with higher, intuitive levels of themselves. But such a reconnection is not what the Brotherhood has wanted to see. They want humanity to stay in the consciousness prison. So they have done all they can to suppress the use of the balanced female energy. They used religion to make women servile to men with no opportunity to express themselves in their full glory. At the same time they suppressed the female polarity in the male by creating the blueprint for what a man should be. Macho and aggressive is what we call a 'real' man (a lost and frightened little boy, in truth). These 'real' men were and are so delinked from the female energy that there intuition and connection with their higher selves is all extinguished. Meanwhile the Brotherhood initiates have been using the negative frequencies of the female energy (Hecate) to connect with their reptilian master the lower fourth dimension and to manipulate the world secretly from behind movie screen. The suppression and perversion of sexual energy, the creative for another fundamental means of limiting human potential to manifest their infine power for creativity and self-determination.

Interconnected with the manipulation of the female energy is the manipulation time. This is another aspect of the symbolism in the Font de L'Alma Tunnel. The Brotherhood has tuned the human consciousness into a false perspective of time in doing so they have disconnected humanity from the rest of creation, which operates on a different version of time. Thus humanity is living its life out of sync with the universe. No wonder there's so many imbalances. In truth there is no tin everything just is and past, present and future are happening at once. It is only o perception of time that make events appear to be happening in a linear time line. Even in linear time, we have been unplugged from the natural flow. Nature is turf to Moon time, the 28-day 13 cycles of the Moon. The woman's menstrual cycle is tuned to the Moon and, appropriately, it is the Moon, which takes the male solar energy and reflects it back at the Earth in a female form. The Satanists have their rituals and sacrifices every month under the full Moon when that female energy the peak of its power. They take this energy and manifest its negative polarity: Hecate. The more negative female (intuitive) energy they can focus, the more powerful their connection with the 'demons' they seek to access and communicate with on other dimensions. This is why they program sensitive psychics like Arizona Wilder to conduct their rituals. The native peoples of the world who still live by Moon time are far more in tune with nature because they are operating on same time-energy flow as nature. They are in sync with it. But in 1572 Pope Gregory announced that a new calendar was to be introduced, the Gregorian calendar, and was implemented in October 1582. It was another Brotherhood seam and the Gregorian calendar became the fixed standard time for the planet. This means that the human mind is tuned to this manufactured flow of 'time' when we look at a clock, a watch, or plan the future with a diary. And where is the center of this time system, the zero point from which all the world's people tune their timepieces? What it's only Greenwich in London, across the River Thames from the City of London financial district, the Brotherhood's operational heartland! And what was the inspiration for the Gregorian calendar? The one used in. Babylon. The ancient Greek name for the Watchers or sons of the gods who interbred with the daughter: of men was Grigori. It is the calendar of the Grigori, the reptilians. It was the reptile-Brotherhood priests of Babylon who played the same game with time all those thousands of years ago. The Gregorian calendar is a farce. It is the time equivalent of throwing all your clothes in a wardrobe and leaning against the door to stop it flinging open. The clothes may just about fit in the space if you push them in hard enough, but what a mess. Here we have a 12-month year of 60-minute hours and 24-hour days with the months so ill fitting that some are 30 days, others 31, another 28, or 29 every four years. Yes, fits like a glove. But a sensible measurement of time was not the motivation. Disconnecting human consciousness from Moon time was the idea and the Gregorian calendar removed the 13th Moon. There should be 13 Moon-cycle months of 28 days, but instead we have 12 months and 12 Moon cycles. The Brotherhood hierarchy still operates their calendars to Moon time - another reason for their obsession with 13. Crashing the car of Diana (the Moon Goddess) into the 13th pillar was also symbolic of this removal of the 13th Moon from the human perception of time. And when you disconnect people from the natural flow of time, you are disconnecting them from all that operates in that flow of time. Thus the Western (and increasingly global) 'civilization' has lost its rapport with the natural world and is out of sync with its environment.

The Millennium is a manufactured point in time. The moment at which the Millennium is crossed 2000 only exists because of the Gregorian calendar, but as the human psyche is tuned to that, the Brotherhood is again planning to manipulate time across the Millennium. As the Millennium Approached, the tallest building in Europe was built across River Thames from the Greenwich Observatory in London, the zero point of so-called Greenwich Mean Time. A consortium of Brotherhood business interests built this building, named Canary Wharf, and it is an enormous glass obelisk. Later the British Government decided to spend the best part of a billion, yes a billon, pounds to build a vast dome, the Millennium Dome, which will be the focus of official celebration at the time of the Millennium. This dome is beside the River Thames and on the opposite side, close to the global zero time line, is the Canary Wharf obelisk (see picture section). The obelisk and the dome are Moth premier Brotherhood geometric symbols, which draw in solar and cosmic energy. The man in charge of the Millennium Dome project was Peter Mendelssohn, the man dubbed 'the Prince of Darkness' who was forced to resign after revelations about his personal finances. It was Mendelssohn who was the Labor Party's chief spin-doctor when they introduced the red rose as the party symbol.

I am sure there were also originally 13 astrological signs too, and that the spider represented the 13th. This sign, I feel, was one which encompassed all the others - weaving together their various energies and I always see it as located in the center of the astrological circle. Interestingly at Bohemian Grove their Shakespearean (Francis Bacon) motto is: "Weaving spiders come not here".

All is consciousness in different manifestations and we are interacting with Vibrating energy fields every moment of our lives. We often feel this when we someone and feel their 'vibes' or we go to a house and either feel uncomfortable immediately at home. It is the energy of the person or place that we are feeling we are living within the energy fields of the Earth we are constantly affected by their vibration state. The reptilian-Brotherhood know this and here you have another reason for their symbolism and ritual on such an apparently obsession. Scale. Everything resonates at a frequency and symbols are very powerful exam of this. A symbol is a physical representation of a thought. What that symbol to you is the energy it will resonate. An obelisk symbolizes male sexual energy, phallus, and so that is the energy it generates and attracts. The dome represent' womb, the female, and that is the energy it generates and attracts. The same wife pentagram, a lighted torch, whatever. If they are placed in particularly powerful vortex points and crossover points on the Earth's magnetic grids, they will affect vibration state of the global energy field even more efficiently. So it is with the geometrical street plans and the geometrical placement of certain buildings in relation to each other. The assassination of President Kennedy in a powerful vortex point like Dealey Plaza, and the human thought energy of horror, grief and fear focused on there, will have had a massive effect on the vibration resonance of Earth energy. The same, even more so, with the death of Diana on that Moon-energy site in Paris. This is all part of the spell cast by the reptilians on the human mind and emotions to delink us from our true and infinite power. Also the more negative emotion we can be manipulated to feel by these and other events, the more we generate our own fear into the Earth fields and the downward spiral goes on.

There is another point here, which is highly relevant to the next section. Research has shown that there is a pulse, an electrical signal, which is generated from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy to our Sun (and other suns) and from they're to the Earth. This pulse is then picked up by the human heart, passed onto the brain, are goes out from there to the cells of the body. When that pulse, that resonance is passed through that sequence intact and unbroken the human being is at one will the cosmos. Every cell is connected to, and in harmony with, the cosmic pulse. What gets in the way, however, is low vibration emotion and imbalance, which breaks the circuit and, once again, disconnects us from the Earth and the wider universe. The heart-brain connection has been broken in most people by the separation of the head and the heart, the intellect and the intuition, the physical are the spiritual. The reason the reptilian-Brotherhood is pressing forward with its Agenda so quickly-.today is that it knows it has a colossal challenge on its hands. Creation is governed by energy cycles. At one level we see them with the Earth seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. But there are much bigger cycles, ten and these have been recorded in numbers and symbols by the ancients like the Sumerians, Egyptians, Hindus, Chinese, the Maya of Central America and the Native Americans like the Hopi of Arizona and other cosmic energies which transform the Earth's energy fields and so transform life on this planet. We are now in the midst of perhaps the greater of these transformation cycles, one, which happens, it is estimated, only once every 26,000 years, and the Maya calendar predicts that the critical changeover point is December 12th 2012. This is the real focal point of the transformation, not the manufactured Millennium?

These consciousness cycles are like doorways or gateways, which open for those who are ready to move through into a much higher state of consciousness. I see it as a sort of cuckoo clock in which, at certain key moments in time (or rather cycles), the door or gateway opens. When these gateways are missed, the cycle begins again until another gateway opens. But what we are facing now, it would seem, is not so much a gateway as a vast chasm of opportunity for a global transformation that will defy all current belief. Religious and mystery school texts have been openly or symbolically predicting this for thousands of years. Now the physical, spiritual and, increasingly, scientific evidence is there to confirm that the so-called 'Great Shift of the Ages' is upon us.

A series of events, described by Gregg Braden in Awakening To Zero Point, have confirmed that the times they are a changing. In 1991 a new frequency was identified resonating from the center of the spiral of our Milky Way Galaxy and in 1994 the Ulysses Probe was sent to investigate changes on the Sun. From the mid-1980s there was a terrific increase in solar flares and X-ray bursts, and Ulysses discovered that the Sun's magnetic field was rapidly decreasing. The readings at the north and south poles and at the equator were much lower than expected. Also, while the Sun is cooling, the planets of the solar system, especially the outer ones, are heating up. This suggests that the source of planetary heat comes from within, although this may be stimulated by magnetic and electrical changes in the Sun. At the same time these changes were happening on the Sun, a storm on Jupiter, first documented by the Chinese 3,000 years ago, showed sudden changes also. A vast spiral within this Jupiter storm began to spin in the other direction. The shock waves and other phenomena caused by the collision of the comet Shoemaker-Levy into Jupiter in 1994 have also affected the wider solar system, including the Earth. What is clear is that the changes in the Sun's magnetic field have been mirrored here.

The Earth is a giant magnet with different levels rotating to create a magnetic field. The faster the Earth rotates, the more powerful and dense the magnetic field. Two thousand years ago this magnetic field reached the peak of its intensity in the current cycle and it has been falling ever since as the planet has rotated slower and slower, Braden says. The field is now 50% less powerful than it was 1,500 years ago and the speed of this fall is increasing very quickly. There is no need to panic because this is all part of a natural cycle, a longer and infinitely more powerful version of the annual seasons. Alongside this comes the news that the Earth's resonant frequency, it's heartbeat if you like, is increasing rapidly. This frequency, called the Base Resonant Frequency or Schumann Cavity Resonance, was identified in 1899. Between then and the mid-1980s, it maintained a constant pulse of around 7.8 Hertz or 7 cycles per second. But from 1986-87 it apparently began to quicken. By the end of 1995 it had readied 8,6 according to some estimates and the last I heard it was said to be above ten and sun rising. Gregg Braden believes that by the Maya transformation year of 2012, the Earth's resonance could be 13 cycles per second while her magnetic field could be at or near zero. He calls this Zero Point when the Earth's magnetic field will all but disappear because the planet's rotation will have stopped. This doesn't mean there will be no gravity because that is created by other phenomena, not the spin of the planet. Something like this seems to have happened at least 14 times in the last 4.5 million years. The last is estimated to have been about 11-13,000 years ago, a window of time, which corresponds, with many estimates of the end of Atlantis and the beginning of the recovery from that great cataclysm after about 10,500 BC. 13,000 years ago would have been the halfway point in the Great Cycle of 26,000 years, which is ending now, another time of great change. I am not saying the Earth is going to stop rotating, but I certainly would not dismiss the possibility.

It could be, however, that there was a magnetic pole shift more recently, about 3,500-600 years ago from examination of the ice in Greenland and the polar regions Every time the Earth has experienced the rapid fall in the magnetic field that we are seeing now, it has led to a pole shift when magnetic north and south change places. People like Braden estimate that the Earth will stop rotating for some days before it begins to spin in the opposite direction. As you can see when the flow of electricity through an iron bar is reversed, the poles reverse. As the planet spins in the other direction, the flow of electricity will reverse and so, therefore, must the poles. If the planet stopped rotating, one side of the Earth would be in constant sunshine and the other in darkness in this period and that is what the ancients said happened thousands of years ago. The Peruvians talked about the long night' of three days and in the Bible there is reference to daytime lasting 20 hours, the longest day. The Hopi Tribe record how the Sun rose twice in one day. First it rose in the west and se in the east and then later it rose in the east and set in the west - the cycle ever since. Other ancient accounts say the Sun used to rise in the west and set in the east, another indication that the Earth used to spin the other way. Back in the early 1990s when I was just waking up to these things, I was given some channeled information by a psychic which said: "The world is changing and the north will become south and the east, west. So it has been commanded since the beginning of lime."3 Spot on, it would seem. Brian Westborough, the scientist-researcher in California, also told me that some major geophysical events are happening that is subject to a media blackout. He confirms that the Earth's geomagnetic field is dropping at an exponential rate and will soon reach zero. He believes, as I do, that we are, to say the least, in for a very bumpy ride geologically. The US Geological Service says that the Earth's magnetic field drops to zero every 500,000 years, then slowly rebuilds, and that these are periods of cataclysmic Earth changes, earthquakes and volcanoes, because of the temporary halt in the planet's rotation. I think it happens more often than that. According to Brian's contacts, the Sun's magnetic field has already dropped to zero and it appears to have reached a higher level of conversion of hydrogen to helium. He says that solar flares are being emitted above and below the Sun's equator at latitude of 19.5 degrees. This is the point where energy is exchanged between rotating spheres and it is at this latitude on the Earth that the pyramids are located. The energy being received from the Sun at these latitudes must now be phenomenal.

We have followed the connection between changes in the resonance from the center of the galaxy, to changes in the Sun, to changes in the Earth. It goes on from there to the human heart, then the brain and to every cell in the body. The more you open your heart the more powerful this flow and the quicker you will synchronize with the rising vibrations and transform into a higher state of consciousness. If you close your heart and close your mind, you will be resisting these changes and more and more have your energy will be spent fighting the very energies that will transform your life and set you free. Also, your body will get increasingly out of sync with the energy around you and the consequences, mentally, emotionally and physically will be obvious. You can stand in this fast flowing river trying to hold it back, or you can relax, lie on the air bed and flow with it. It is your choice and whatever happens you live forever. If we allow ourselves to be infused by this high frequency light, our bodies will repair themselves and we will not age. We will live in physical bodies indefinitely if we wish to and our mental and psychic powers will know no bounds, no limitations. If it is also correct that we wire entering a massive electrical field called a Photon Bell we are going to experience some amazing things. The ancients knew of these great cycles of change and all the ancient calendars of the Egyptians, Maya, Tibetans, Chinese and others end in the period we are living through now. That Egyptian calendar dates back some 39,000 years and the Mayan one perhaps 18,000. The Maya said that there would be a transition period between the old world and the new as another replaced one version of time. They called this period 'No Time' and they said this would begin in July 1982 and lead to the shift on December 12th 2012. The effect of all this on humanity is easy to see. I have visited more than 20 countries in the last few years and there is an awakening unfolding in all of them. Not yet the majority by any means, but the numbers are gathering by the day as this spiritual alarm clock awakens people from their slumber. It is the quickening vibration of the Earth, and indeed the galaxy in general, which is giving the impression that time is passing faster and faster. This is an illusion because there is no time, in truth, but it feels that way because the frequency is getting faster. I remember I was given a channeled communication through a psychic in the early 1990s, which said that the day was coming when time would seem to be moving so quickly it would be frightening. That moment is near. It's nothing to worry about, just a natural cycle, but it will present many challenges and therefore infinite opportunities.

The universe, like the whole of the physical world, is a hologram - beams of light colliding to create the appearance of three-dimensional form. It is like throwing stones into a pond and watching the waves collide and create patterns. Two scientists in the United States, Terrance and Dennis McKenna, suggest that the universe is a hologram of 64 waves or time scales and this is why we have the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching, 64 keys of the Tree of Life, and the 64 cordons of the DNA. Their computer analysis suggests that all 64 of these waves are going to peak together in 2012. This is going to make the next few years a period of staggering change. The McKenna" says that the speed of change has gone on doubling in a smaller and smaller time frame, manifesting as the leaps in technological development in this century. Projecting forward they say that this will continue to the transformation year of 2012 when in a period of 384 days there will be more transformations of consciousness than in all the previous cycles put together. After this there will be a six day cycle in which events will move even faster and in the last 135 minutes there will be eighteen further enormous leaps in human consciousness, culminating in the last 0075 of a second when another 13 will occur I don't think we'll be watching The Price Is Right while this is happening somehow "I say dear, I think I've just gone though a number of life-changing transformation while that last advert was on. Cup of tea?"

As I write these words the cycle of solar flares is increasing rapidly and heading for maximum power and effect between 1999 and 2002 (see Figure 61). This is not the transformation, but it is part of the gathering cycle. A good source of information on these subjects is the Solar Web Site* It is significant that the solar cult of the reptilian-humans should create a measurement of time which synchronized their year 2,000 with the maximum burst of solar flares in this cycle (cycle 23 as it is known). These solar storms of highly charged energy are likely to increase thunderstorm activity, weather changes, incredible aurora displays in the sky and, possibly, cause widespread power cuts and satellite malfunctions. The underground bases and cities built by the Elite in this century are in preparation for the monumental changes that are going to occur between now and 2012. The Telstar 401 satellite was destroyed by apparently, higher than normal electron densities and they were nothing compared with what is to come. In March 1989 the electrical grid in Quebec, Canada collapsed within two minutes amid a similar storm of solar energy and, again, far greater storms are now expected. The maximum years for major geomagnetic storms is projected to peak between 1999 and 2002; severe storms should peak between 1999 and 2005; and the year for the maximum number of minor storm days is predicted to be 2005 as solar cycle 23 goes into decline.'' The biggest solar flares of this solar cycle are reckoned to be 10,000 times more powerful than those observed in the mid-1990s.

The Brotherhood has technology to mess with the weather and they use it, no doubt about that. But the phenomena I have described in this chapter are the real reason for the dramatic changes in global weather patterns, which are becoming more extreme by the month. We have seen nothing yet. As I said, amid great public ridicule in Britain in the early 1990s, enormous changes in climate patterns and extremes of weather are likely in this period, along with geological effects as the Earth restructures herself and prepares her body for the shift in the same way that humans are having to do. The Earth and we are being challenged to synchronize our consciousness and its physical expression with the rapidly accelerating frequencies now bathing the planet. The Brotherhood is seeking desperately to hide these facts by blaming the weather changes on the 'Greenhouse Effect' or 'El Nino'. They know that once people realize that something very different is happening the dominoes will fall and the game will be up. It was the Brotherhood who created the New Age Movement to divert the awakening. The term New Age is the name of a Freemasonic magazine. A mind-controlled slave of the American Government, now recovering, confirmed to me that the New Age was launched covertly by Henry Kissinger and others while she was under his control in the 1970s. Whenever I have made these points. New Agers have dismissed the idea because, they say, the Brotherhood would not want the people to encompass a different view of life. No, not in an ideal world they wouldn't, but this is not an ideal world for them because the energy changes are waking people up. The Brotherhood knew this was coming and what its affect would be. They couldn't jump in a spacecraft and fiddle with the Sun or go into the center of the galaxy to switch off the new vibration. Their only alternative was to hijack the awakening consciousness and lead it into another cul-de-sac, another rules-and-regulations-religion, where it would be no threat to the Brotherhood Agenda. This they have done with the New Age Movement. There are some very sensible and aware people within the New Age doing some great work, but so many others are in denial of what is going on in the world. They are being misled by other dimensional entities. Brotherhood transmissions on the psychic frequencies and channeled communications from the lower fourth dimension. They sit around their candles or wait for an extraterrestrial 'Ashtar Command' to come and whisk them off the planet in a spaceship. Ashtar is a Brotherhood concoction and a play on words with ancient deities like Ashteroth and Ishtar, another name for Queen Semiramis. Much of the New Age mentality will not even talk about the Brotherhood manipulation because 'it's negative'. Yes it is and it will stay that way until we acknowledge it and change it. Running away or hovering near the ceiling won't make a difference. So much of the New Age is not spirituality as change, but spirituality as escapism. It is suppressing and diverting the awakening, not advancing it.

A contact in the financial world, which accepts the reptilian connection from his own experience, gave me some interesting background to the modern energy systems. He had worked with a number of free energy inventors and he realized that free energy technology worked in a 'clockwise' direction and so was in harmony with the spin of the charka. But most conventional electrical technology was 'anticlockwise', therefore in conflict with the charka. He believed that this was helping to close down the charka system and delink humanity from other levels of consciousness. This is one reason why the reptilian-Brotherhood has suppressed, often through murder, the development of free energy technology. The average wiring system in the home works at 60 cycles per second, which is very detrimental

To the body and affects brain wave activity. Brian Westborough told me how people develop back ailments and other problems if their bed is pushed against a wall, which carries internal wiring. Their complaints often clear up if they move the a few feet from the wall. We live in a pulsating ocean of electromagnetism generated by 'modem' technology and this is constantly affecting human physic emotional and mental health. The human mind, body and emotions are under incredible assault in the countdown to the Great Shift because the Brotherhood desperate to ensure that humanity, as a whole does not make the consciousness that will take us beyond the reptilian frequencies.

The Brotherhood has also structured the 'education' system and the media lock people in what I call the left-brain prison. The left-brain is the area, which with the physical worldview, 'rational' thought and all that can be seen, touch heard and smelled. The right brain is our intuition and our connection with higher dimensions. This is where you find the artist and creative inspired by our uniqueness of thought and expression. The ended system and its offshoots, like the media and science, are designed to speak to the left-brain and to switch off right brain thinking. This is why spending on the are schools is being cut back all over the world and rigid, left brain programs imposed. 'Education' fills the left-brain with information, much of which is until and inaccurate, and it demands that this is stored and then regurgitated on the exam paper. If you do this like a robot you pass.

But it doesn't have to be like this. You are not an "ordinary", "powerless" human being. You are an aspect of eternal consciousness, a genius waiting to happen. All you need to do is open your heart, open your mind, reconnect with that genius and grasp your infinite power to create your own destiny. That is our challenge in this incredible time in so, so long.

Our mind and emotions resonate wavelengths of various frequencies deeper On how we are thinking and feeling. This applies not only to our conscious sell also our subconscious, that cauldron of suppressed thoughts, attitudes and emotions that we would rather not deal with. You can resonate the vibration of anger from that level without actually feeling the emotion consciously at the tin For instance, an adult who is holding on to suppressed anger about their child will still be broadcasting that frequency, even though they might not be conscious aware of being angry. This will draw to them, by the law of vibration attraction other people who are consciously and subconsciously angry. I know, I've been there.

In the words of a song I heard in the United States: "When you hold angel guess what comes to you? A lot of very angry people do." Our mental and emotional 'vibes' of all kinds are broadcast as a series of wave patterns and the draw towards us similar wave patterns in the form of people, places, ways of lit and experiences. What we give out, we attract to us. Within this cocktail of vibrations are our conscious thoughts and feelings and the astrological pattern' take on at birth and/or, some say, conception. When we are born we absorb the energy pattern in the Earth's field at the time and in the place we enter this won. This pattern depends on where the planets are in their cycles and, therefore, what of their energies is most effecting the Earth. Every second the energy field is changing and so when and where we tire born matters enormously to the energies field we inherit. We choose where and when we are born to take on the energy pattern most appropriate for our life plan. Look at the endless evidence of how we were born. When we think we are a victim and we are not in control of our lives, we will synchronize with the energies (people, experiences), which resonate to that frequency. We will therefore create a victimized, powerless physical experience. When we believe that the best things in life happen to others, they do, because we are not connecting with the energies that will manifest the best things in life. When you believe you will never have enough money, you won't. Money is an energy and if you are going to attract that energy, you need to make a vibration connection with it. Thinking that you will never attract money, consciously or subconsciously, ensures that you will be out of sync with that energy and you stay poor. The Brotherhood know till's and they have created an energy flow which attracts money to them. Pear of something is always guaranteed to attract what you fear. The energy of fear attracts like energy and so what you fear becomes what you physically experience. Fear of being without money becomes the circumstances in which you are without money. Fear of being alone, rejected or attacked all become that physical experience unless you deal with the source of the energy which manifests these things - YOU. So it's no good blaming anyone else for your life. You have either created it by your own thoughts and feelings or the Brotherhood has done so because you have allowed your thoughts and feelings to be manipulated by religion, the media, politics, doctors, teachers and all the rest. Whichever it is, the one responsible for your life is YOU. No getting away from it. I'm afraid, you are stuck with it. But then, this news is just wonderful. It means that if you created the present reality that you don't like, you can just as easily create a new reality that you do like. You are in control. You have all the answers. You are the center of your own universe and you can make it whatever you choose. You are simply incredible. Feel it, live it and your world will be transformed.

My book, I Am Me, I Am Free, is all about this need to restore our mental and emotional powers because unless we do so we can never be free. But we need to do more than that. We need to set ourselves free, yes, but just as importantly we need to set each other free. We have been manipulated by the Brotherhood into our personal prisons and the prisoners have been further manipulated into policing each other. Humanity is both the sheep and the sheep dog. The Brotherhood set the religious, political, medical and scientific 'norms' by controlling those professions and, therefore, the norms promoted by the mesmerized media. Most people then live their lives within these norms and allow them to program their sense of possibility, potential and who or what they are. This is the eggshell and if people want to concede their uniqueness and infinite power in this way, fine, go ahead.

Couldn't care less. But what happens is that those who live in these prisons are not satisfied with that. They insist that everyone else does the same. It's not enough for them. From the perspective of everyday life, the world is not perfect. We have wars, hunger, disease, unhappiness and pain of all kinds. That's true. But from the perspective of the evolution of humanity everything is perfect. That's equally true. The only way we can evolve is by learning from experience and that means experiencing the consequences of our thoughts and actions. If there were no unpleasant consequences for our actions, how could we possibly learn and evolve to higher levels of understanding? It would be like a child daubing paint all over the walls of your house or throwing stones through your windows. If the child did not face the consequences and see that such behavior is deeply upsetting for the homeowner, what would happen? The child would go on daubing paint over other houses and smashing more windows. Humanity has given its mind away all these thousands of years and if we are to regain that power to consciously control our own destiny, we have to be kicked in the backside by facing the consequences until, at last, the penny drops and the light goes on. So we have the wars and conflicts and manipulations of all kinds. I don't hate these reptilians. I want to love them because that is what they need so desperately. Their behavior can only come from a lack of self-love because only by loving yourself for what you are, can you begin to truly love others for what they are. So I love you Queen of England, Queen Mother, Prince Charles, Prince Philip, Pindar, Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Edward Heath and all the rest. If these people would only love themselves this nightmare (and their nightmare) would be over. Until they do, their heart connection to their infinite soul (pure love) will remain closed and the) will continue to manifest these same attitudes and this behavior. I would also stress again, before I finish, that when I talk of reptilians I am talking only of those who are seeking to manipulate humanity, not the species as a whole. Many of the reptilian species are trying to help us break the spell and even the manipulating reptilians are possessed by a fifth dimensional force. In the end we're all One, anyway.

I know that many people who are aware of the Brotherhood and its Agenda feel the only way to respond is by stockpiling weapons and preparing for an armed defense of their liberties. I can't think of a response more certain to bring about the very fascist state they say they want to avoid. The idea of meeting violence with violence is so obviously contradictory and so utterly devoid of the faintest spark of intelligence, that one wonders how few brain cells must be activated to conjure sue a thought. When you meet violence with violence what do you get every time? Twice the violence. Yes, that's going to make an enormous contribution to peace. Also, when anyone uses violence against the system, it gives the Brotherhood a public excuse to use its high-tech weaponry to blow away the opposition in the name of the rule of law'. I think we need to be just a touch more subtle than stockpiling weapons, somehow. I have met some of the more extreme Christian patriots in the United States and as I said to one: "I don't know which I dislike more, the world controlled by the Brotherhood, or the one you want to replace it with". This particular guy talked about freedom and the need to defend it with armed resistance while claiming that black people were genetically inferior to them. Then these confrontations will be avoided because there will no vibration attraction between the Brotherhood and those who wish to scupper their minds. We can do it without confrontation. The reptilian vibration connection to humanity is through the emotion of fear. They are themselves consumed by which is why they behave as they do. If they can manipulate humanity into of fear, as they have, they make the vibration connection, which allows the control the human psyche. They are also playing at home, you might say, be they are experts on the emotion of fear. This reptilian group is the very experienced at it. If we seek to stop the reptilian-Brotherhood with a confrontation on the ground of fear by using hatred, aggression and violence, then forget it. The game is already over. But if we meet this challenge from a frequency range the Brotherhood cannot even conceive of - love - we will transform the world and the reptilian control will be no more. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, when we open our hearts to love, the heart charka spins with tremendous speed and power, whipping up the frequency of our incarnate consciousness to the highest vibration expression of life, pure love. As our soul is pure love, we reconnect with the awesome power of our multidimensional self. The eggshell explodes. The fast, short, wavelength of love also activates the 'antenna' in our DNA, which reconnects us with the cosmos and an open heart charka tunes into the cosmic pulse from the Earth, the Sun and the center of the Galaxy, and transmits that changing drumbeat to our brain and every cell in our bodies. This will dramatically transform our minds, emotions and physical form as they synchronize with the quickening vibrations at this time of unbelievable change and evolution. The subsequent leap in our personal frequencies will lift us out of the vibration pit of fear and onto levels far beyond the lower fourth dimension. The reptilian control will be over because they will be on a different radio station, if you like, and they will have to face the consequences of their own actions on their road to enlightenment. The choice is ours, fear or love, prison or freedom. If the reptilians did not exist we would have to invent them because their current state of being represents something that human consciousness had to experience. If that was not so, the reptilians would be manipulating someone else. We would not have attracted them. They have given us a gift in our eternal evolution, a gift of experiencing the consequences of fear and of conceding our infinite power to another force, are it a parent, boss, peer pressure, or, ultimately, the reptilian-Brotherhood. The evolutionary process is about love, not punishment. It does not punish us for our actions; it gives us the consequences of them, which is very different. Without that we cannot evolve. We are loved along this journey by consciousness levels (other aspects of self), which seek to help us to become more loving and more enlightened, to be masters of ourselves. Our choice is how much of this experience we need before we learn and move on. Are we going to change now or do we require more wars, hunger, and suffering, before the light bulb flashes? Are we going to walk through the fast-approaching gateway to a whole new state of being? Or are we going to stay where we are and face another cycle of incarnation and reincarnation until another opportunity comes? The reptilian group, I have highlighted are deeply imbalance because they are disconnected from those levels of self which resonate to the rhyme of love. But they are still, part of everything that exists, they are still you and I, aspect of the glorious whole we call God. So if we hate them, we hate ourselves are violent to them, we are violent to ourselves. And it would be all so self defer say: forgive them for they know not what they do. By forgive and by love, I don mean to walk away and let them get on with it. They are seeking to impose their position and therefore there is a legitimate cause for a challenge to that. But if this Brother control is caused by giving our minds, power and responsibility away, and by insisting that others do the same, it is ourselves we need to address, not only the behavior of the reptilians. If we take back our power and set ourselves, and each other, free from imposition of thought, belief and lifestyle, it doesn't matter what Brotherhood do. Control from the center will be impossible because you cannot centralize control of diversity, only uniformity. Three things will transform life of Earth and remove the reptilian control of the human psyche:

1 We let go of our fear of what other people think of us and we express our uniqueness of view and lifestyle, even (no, especially) if it differs from the 'norm'. At this point we cease to be a sheep following the flock.
2 We allow everyone else to do the same without fear of being ridiculed or condemned for the crime of being different. When we do this we cease to by sheep dog for the rest of the flock, pressuring them to conform to what we believe is right.
3 No one seeks to impose what they believe on anyone else, so always respects free will and free choice.

There is no way the Brotherhood Agenda can survive such changes in attitude People ask me what they should do in response to my information, but I never answer that question. The only person, who knows what is best for you, is you. The trick is to clear the channel to your higher dimensions, so you can connect with the highest level of your wisdom, love and inspiration to guide you to do what is appropriate for you. We don't need to sit around in smoke filled rooms or start n political parties. We need to remove the eggshell of low vibration emotion - few and the law of vibration attraction will connect us with all the people and organizations we need to transform the planet. When we get ourselves right, the world must come right because we are the world and the world is we. What we can Society is the sum total of human thinking and feeling. It is a reflection of our attitudes. When we change them, we change society. We are only a change of mil away from real freedom, the freedom to express our God-given uniqueness and celebrate the diversity of gifts, perceptions and inspiration that exist within the collective human psyche. The creative force is within us all and desperate to exports it. It is the suppression of this energy which leads to so much pent-up frustrate and therefore violence and depression. Imagine you are a gifted artist or dancer, by

That all-powerful creative force within you cannot be suppressed, so it comes out in an imbalanced way, impregnated our hearts to a greater vision of possibility, we would unleash the creative force in everyone and allow it to express its uniqueness. What a world of incredible diversity and inspiration we would then experience. A world guided by the flow of the creative force and not by the profit demands of the Brotherhood bankers.

I talked at the start of the book about thinking the unthinkable. The information here has challenged you to do that. To consider the evidence that reptilians on another dimension of existence have manipulated humanity for thousands of years. To consider that far from being ordinary and powerless, you are extraordinary and all powerful. Both are unthinkable for most people given the current level of conditioning. But they are not UN feel able. There is such a difference. You think with your intellect and that is so vulnerable to programming through the eyes and ears by the daily diet of lies, suppression and misrepresentation in the media and by all those Brotherhood clones to which it offers a platform. But when we feel, we are tapping into our heart center, our intuition, that connection with the cosmos. How often has what you think and what you instinctively feel been in conflict? What transformed my life more than anything was the moment I decided to follow my intuition whenever it was at odds with my intellect? Every time I have done this, my intuition has turned out to be correct. It can be challenging and painful sometimes because your intuition, which is unbounded by the need to follow 'norms', often stands out against convention. But it will always lead you to do what is best for you and your eternal journey of evolution through experience. For most people when they instinctively feel to do something, the chatterbox mind begins to list all the reasons way they should not do it. "You can't do that, what will the neighbors say, or your family, the people at work, and the guys down the bar?"… "You can" t do that, you have got a mortgage, a car, a family, and the life insurance policies to pay for."http://www.universa-tao.com. "You can't, you can't, and you can't." But you can, you can, you CAN. There is nothing wrong with the intellect. It keeps you grounded, stores and processes this-world information, and it has an important part to play. It is when it becomes our controlling force and sole decision-maker that we find ourselves in the prison of the mind. The intellect is there to make physical the guidance and inspiration of the intuition, not to dictate the odds. Don't work for your mind; make your mind work for you.