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Hun Dun Wuji Tao-Ba Shen Chi-Organ Nei Kung

Hun Dun Wuji Tao-Ba Shen Chi-Organ Nei Kung-8/16/97-David Shen
Hun Dun Wuji Tao is the Name of the Taoist lineagethat David has been recieving from Master Dacheng. This system is third generation teachings from a great Master in northern China. Master Dachengs' Master Dahuei is estimated as being around fifty thousand years old. Master Dasheng has declared that his Master Dahuei is not a human being, but rather a being descended from another plane. He is the last of a race on this earth who are called Sons of Reflected Light or Sons of The Star. This is a race of light beings. Made of light, immortal by earth standards. The rest of his brethren have returned to their own dimension thusly Master Dahuei is singular in his being here on earth. This race brought the nucleus of what has developed as the Tao today. Although the Tao has separated into various factions starting about two thousand years B.C., it's origins were founded in the this nucleus of original information.

The system that follows is called Ba Shen Chi. This means the Eight Divine Breaths or Eight Immortal Breaths. This is a very straight forward system to attain control over the three levels of our being, physical, mental, and spiritual. This path is direct and extreme. The first part of the system is based on gaining strong control over the physical body using breathing techniques. Next is control over the mind using symbols. The combination of these two energies awakens the spirit.

The first part of this practice is being revealed the same way it was passed down to David by Master Dacheng. Understand that, like the Tao, it is impossible to say whether these practices would have been taught in this order to another man.

The first thing to understand is that no higher level practice can be achieved without sealing the Sexual Gate. The sexual gate is called Hui Yin and encompasses the sexual organs, perineum and anus. This gate is not a physical point. Yin gathers here and can be utilized for higher practice. You could try your whole life to seal it by physical force and never master the Hui Yin. The first two practices for men and women are regarded as the gate for entering this world.

We will begin by speaking mostly about the Female Practice. The first step is called Singh Shui. This means Golden Water or Golden Elixir. This practice involves drinking ones own urine. We will discuss the theory later. Always remember to leave the first and last part of the urination out of the portion to be drunk. For ladies, in the beginning, it is best to drink during menstruation thusly mixing urine with the menstrual blood. This practice is a major process in transforming blood in women as well as transforming semen in men. After this becomes natural, which for Westerners can be quite shocking, the next steps are the massage techniques.

Ladies begin by gently massaging the clitoris until they feel sexual arousal energy. Then Move to the ovaries and begin massage there. While doing ovarian massage, begin breathing to the sexual center. Concentrate on opening the sexual organs while simultaneously closing the perineum.

Eight Immortal Holes located in the sacrum can absorb the Natural Eight Forces:
1) KEN-Mountain 2) KAN-Water 3) CHEN-Thunder 4) CHIEN-Heaven
5) KUN-Earth 6) SUN-Wind 7)LI-Fire 8) TUI-Lake = EIGHT FORCES.

Relationship of Palate & Tongue with the Organs:
A) Lower Jaw below Teeth - Triple Warmer Point.
B) Front of Mouth - Lungs & Large Intestine Point.
C) Front Palate - Heart & Small Intestine Point.
D) Middle Palate - Liver & Gall Bladder Point.
E) Back Palate - Kidney & Bladder Point.

Hun Dun Wuji Tao-Ba Shen Chi-Organ Nei Kung-12/4/97-David Shen
The Taoist's Understanding and Order of the Universe:
1) Wu Chi - Nothingness - First: Oneness of the Universe - No Time or Space - Stillness Practice- Gave birth to Yin & Yang - Perfect Polarity.
2) Tai Chi - Yin & Yang - Perfect Union Tai Chi - Second:Yang & Yin Duality-Time & Space only created with Energy Movement-Tai Chi Chi Kung Practice- Gave birth to the Three Pure Ones.
3) Shang Ching - 3 Originals-3 Pure Ones-Third:Yang (Positive) Left Channel-Right Side, Yin (Negative) Right Channel -Left Side,Conscience Mind (Neutral), Core (Void) Channel - Middle-Gave birth to Eight Forces.
4) I Ching - 8 Forces - Fourth: Book & Law of Changes-64 Trigrams-Language of Wisdom-Pakua 8 Forces- Way of Moving Energy in the Body -Pakua Palm Practice-Gave birth to the Five Elements
5) Hsing I - 5 Elements - Fifth: 5 Directions - 5 Phases - Fusion of the 5 Elements -Hsing I Practice - Gave birth (gate) to the physical world.
6) Tie Jeian - Physical World - Alchemical transformation of cinnaber (Hun) by burning red to yellow to white to blue to green - Gave birth (gate) to the Human world.
7) Yuang Jeian - Human World - 3 Energies - Shen (Spirit Energy), Ching (Sexual Energy), Chi (Life Energy) - 3 Bodies - Physical Body, Energy Body, & Spirit Body - Gives birth (gate) to the Immortal Being through the Taoist Practices: Pakua Palm (moving the Chi with the Eight Forces), Hsing I (moving the Chi through the Five Phases, & Tai Chi Chi Kung (all polarities come together).

I Ching-Pakua Palm
1) Water (Kan) gathering of chi - the Origin of Everything
2) Fire (Li) rising of chi
3) Thunder (Chen) growing of chi
4) Rain (Tui) materializing and crystalizing of chi
5) Earth (Kun) gives birth to the Mountain
6) Mountain (Ken)
7) Wind (Sun)
8) Heaven (Chien) is the goal which is no longer subject to change

Hsing I - 5 Phases - 5 Stages
Symbols of the Five Elements:

1) Voice (Chants, Words) - Heart (Chanting the Words or Symbols)
2) Light (Colors) -Wood (Coloring the Organs)
3) State of Mind (Herbs - Spirit of Spleen) - Earth (Mind internal drawing)
4) Breathe (Lungs) - Metal (Synchronizing the Breath)
5) Vibrational Sound (Ohm) - Water (Sound can form a shape or body or light body)

To activate the Symbols: The abodomine is shape of the pakua - draw pakua on belly.
1) Necklace
2) Earing
3) Belt
4) Anklet
5) Bracklet

Hun Tuin Da Ji Shen Tao from Taoist Master Ta Jen and his Taoist Master Tai Wei (20,000 years old) which means the Tao is the Way from Northwestern China known as the Modern Internal Alchemy System around 16th Century. David first met his Master Ta Jen 12/1/86 through visions, then other people, then finally in person he thinks. David says these are the missing parts of the Healing Tao for the Immortal Practices and Master Chia says he knows them or remembers them but never taught them before, but will formly in the Winter Retreat 1999.

Ba Shen Chi System (Eight Immortal Spirits or Breaths):
Eight Physical & Eight Mental Techniques (8 Steps) for Physical Immortality
1) Tsing Shuei - Drinking Urine (Golden Water) through Nose by Tan Tien breathing
(Careful not to overheat - Irragates & Energnically Rewires the Body )
2) Advance Tao Yin - Opening the Body (Sacrum)
3) Tongue Practices - Pull down on the Tongue to lengthen it to close breathing in the nose
4) Pakua Chi Kung - Pakua Walk, Stick Chi Kung, Standing on Bricks
5) Empty Force (Emptying the your Insides) - Basic training for higher level practice
Men's Practices - Closing the Three Gates: Penis, Ducts, Prostate
a) Pull down on testicles & penis developing the Thunder Power
b) Moving & controlling stick (tube) in anus to draw the air inside the Large Intestine to cool
down the Internal Fire (Metal Yang) & in the Small Intestines (Fire Yang)
c) Lift & holding the 1 pound weight on a stick in the anus for 20 minutes
d) Lifting & moving weights on testicles, then on testicles & penis, then finally on penis
Women's Practices - Closing the Three Gates: Vag, Cervix, & Uterus with Weights
6) Tai Chi Chi Kung System - Inner Core of Unity
7) Fusion of the Eight Forces (Chanting & Spiralling)
8) Stillness Meditation - Returning to the Void

Ba Shen Chi System (Eight Immortal Spirits or Breaths) 5 Videos on Practices:
1) Water of Life (Jin Suei orTsang Shuei) - Golden Water or Sacred Water - Taoist Way to transform Urine into Chi.
2) Fu Tsang Nei Kung - Internal Empty Force Practice- emptying the body first, then fill the body with chi as pure yin sinks & pure yang raises. Pracice for 2 1/2 months.
3) Dragon & Tiger Jing - Tai Chi Internal Force - Control the abdomen - 20 positions separating Muscles & nerves.
4) Slaying the Red Dragon - Immortal Extasy for the Immortal Sisters - Closing Sexual Gates
5) Fusion II with Pure Yang Energy
6) Energy reverses in 12 channels (Kan & Li)
7) Original sounds - hearing the mental practice
8) 5 Original Lights
9) Original forms (shape) - Immortal Body
10) Returning the Origin
11) Communication with the Divine