Sample Chart: Margaret Thatcher "They called her the Iron Lady, but she was really Heavy Metal"

The Heavy Metal is indeed made up of much metal. Metal is by far her largest element and her dominating energy, showing remarkable analytical skill, motivation, righteous determination, sharpness and tenacity, even courage, but also stubbornness, strong-will, cutting remarks, an endurance to suffering and hardship, hastiness and not liking to admit to failure.

When her ten-year luck cycles reinforced this metal with even more metal, from 1963 – 1982, this put the spotlight on her values and iron determination to seek power, and gave her more self-believe. In fact ‘power’ is her predominant heavenly influence, it is the action phase which ‘makes her tick’ and gave her day master a natural meaning – to be head of her political party and Prime Minister of the country.

Tableau des expressions traduites

En Français, voila la théme de Margaret Thatcher (Traduction par Anne-Marie Marty)

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