The Professor
Master of Nothingness

William U. Wei Throughout 8,000 years of Chinese Taoist history, various forms of internal energy training were developed. The aim of these methods were to heal and strengthen the physical body, to balance emotions, and to enhance spiritual development. The knowledge of how to use these energies has been a closely guarded secret passed down through the ages from Master to selected students.

Now, The Professor will share these simple, powerful teachings and techniques learned over the past twenty years studying directly under Taoist Master Mantak Chia. The Professor is certified to teach in the Living Tao (Senior Instructor), Chi Nei Tsang (Senior Teacher), Cosmic Healing (Senior Teacher), and the Immortal Tao (Inner Alchemy Instructor) by Master Mantak Chia. Master Mantak Chia has traveled throughout Southeast Asia for the past forty-five years studying under Taoist and Buddhist Masters with his principal Taoist teacher, Master Yi Eng, a communist China refugee who authorized him to teach and heal. It is through this lineage that his Senior Instructor, The Professor, offers you these formulas and understandings.

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Universal Tao

The Tao is the Life Force
In everything that we touch,
In everything that we see,
In everything that we smell,
In everything that we hear,
In everything that we taste.

It is the Way the river flows,
It is the Way the sun glows,
It is the Way the wind blows,
It is the Way the tree grows,
It is the Way a seed becomes a rose.

The Tao is in the air we breathe.
It is the very breath that gives us life.
The Tao is the Life Force within us.
You can not describe or define it;
You can only experience and feel it.

Wu Chi Falls
Wu Chi Falls, Southern Oregon, USA

William U. Wei is the author of "Living in the Tao", the book dedicated to the people who don't know, what to know about the unknown; the Taoist poetry books "Angel's Heart" and "Earth's Soul" expressing the feeling of the Tao; and co-creator with Master Mantak Chia of the "Chi Cards" which contain over 150 Universal Tao formulas.

The 4 levels of Chi Cards are playing size internal energy formulas cards from the Universal Tao Books: Transform Stress into Vitality, Chi Self-Massage, Iron Shirt Chi Kung I -II, Healing Love, Taoist Secrets of Love, Bone Marrow Nei Kung, Fusion of Five Elements I - II - III, Awaken Healing Light, Chi Nei Tsang I - II - III, Multi Orgasmic Man, Tai Chi Chi Kung I, Tao Yin & Cosmic Healing.

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