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The Southern Cross Constellation

The Southern Cross Constellation and greatest Kan&Li - Advanced Practices

This article is the result of a research carried out with astronomers from the Rio de Janeiro Planetarium, and my own Inner Alchemy practices. All this material is still under study. Please send your contributions to elybritt@domain.com.br

In Kan&Li (Advanced Kan&Li - Water & Fire), after connecting the hot and cold energies in the heart, a steam happens giving birth to the internal child.

In this practice there is a connection of the brain with the constellations that point to the poles and indicate them; the Big Dipper in the North Hemisphere and Southern Cross Constellation in the South Hemisphere. Each one of the stars that form these constellations is connected to each specific bone in the skull. Upon synchronizing these stars with our brain, we catch a subtle and powerful energy that irradiates from there. The Taoists believe that only with such reinforcement from the celestial energies, can we be capable of generating the immortal child in us: the inner child.

Ancient advanced Alchemy texts were written in the Northern Hemisphere, and its stars were well known by the ancient wise men. We inherited this knowledge in complete form from the ancient texts dedicated to internal alchemy. However in the Southern Hemisphere there has not yet been a similar work with respect to the Southern Cross. Mantak Chia asked the instructors who practice these techniques in the Southern Hemisphere to help him carry out this work. Since I had already been interested and had been researching this for some time, I decided to dedicate more time to the investigation.

In a few words I will communicate what has been discovered so far. This question is still open and comments are most welcome.

The Southern Cross Constellation is the smallest among the 88 existing constellations. Only three out of the five stars in this constellation have a name. These stars are:

Acrux (Alpha 1 Cru) is the 13th brightest star in the sky
Becrux (Beta Cru)
Gacrux (Gamma Cru) is the 23rd brightest star in the sky.

The Chinese culture has always looked for a meaning for the phenomena that happened among heaven, earth and human life. It seems that there is a special meaning in the fact that we have named only these 3 brightest stars. (Other than the fact that they are the brightest.) It is very significant that we use mainly three of the five human senses, to understand the world: sight, hearing and touch. Perhaps this is one of the hidden reasons that we do no name all five stars in this constellation.

The following diagram shows the points in our body associated to the stars in the Southern Cross:

In advanced practices we consider the Pineal gland as a compass, that when aligned with the energy point of the crown, connect us with the energy coming from the stars. We can see a map in the shape of the Southern Cross Constellation, a guide that can inform us as to how this connection should be realized. (maybe it works like an internal bioelectric circuit). The cross shape of this constellation, when associated to the main glands in the brain, seems to close this circuit and give us information about it. Remember that the Southern Cross points towards the celestial South Pole, following an imaginary line that connects the Acrux with the Gacrux star. Observe star number 4, (which is out of the imaginary cross), and make the analogy with the heart point in our body, the Thymus gland. In advanced Kan&Li practices, we make the union between the Yin and the Yang energy at the heart. We displace the cauldron to this point and there we make the great alchemy that will give birth to the immortal child. These diagrams were made, based on these premises, as I observed what happened with my body when I connected with the stars of this constellation.

Perhaps in the South Hemisphere there is not a star like the Polar, showing the exact place of that pole, because in this hemisphere, such location will always be energetic, something to be constructed by human evolution. Maybe we have to mentally create this location rather than visually this point, like it happens with people in the Northern Hemisphere and the Polar Star.

I believe that our stars do not represent the bones in our brain but rather the glands, which are powerful instruments that generate energy. In this case, the Southern Cross stars would represent the location of these glands and how they can be aligned and connected to the heart (FIRE) to generate the energy necessary to the great alchemy, and to create the immortal child in us. This alignment when carried out would result in the generation of a strong internal light. The Chinese call the alignment of these three glands: pineal, pituitary and thalamus - the "Crystal Palace". Called such, perhaps due to the luminous sensation that we feel when they are thus aligned and energetically warmed by the fire from the heart.

Another important fact to be considered: the entire Chinese philosophy is based on the I Ching - the Book of Change. The legends say that Fu Shi created the I Ching by studying the map that he found in a metal ball after the deluge; Ho Tu the map of the Yellow River. Some Sinologists state that this Chinese word also designates the Milky Way.

The Ho Tu shape is very interesting and there we find the whole secret of the Chinese numerology. Ho Tu transmitted information that later gave us the origin to all of the knowledge in the Chinese culture. Could it be that this map was informing us as to not only the operation of the universe, but was also mapping the way through which we can align these glands and close the energetic circuit that would take us to perfect harmony with the universe? We know that the heart in the Chinese culture is the last dwelling of the spirit. We also know that in persons who do not practice the alchemy, the spirit lives in the liver. Could it be that this alignment would be necessary for changing the dwelling place of such spirit?

Observe carefully the Ho Tu shape, especially the central cross with the same shape of the Southern Cross:

In the advanced Kan&Li practices, the reversion of Yang and Yin energy has already taken place. We change only the cauldron, from the lower Tan Tien to the solar plexus and from there to the heart. In this practice it is very important to connect the brain with the stars. In the North Hemisphere, using the bones that constitute our skull as an instrument of alignment carries out the connection. There is no doubt that we can do the same with the Southern Cross, and this is much easier because while the Big Dipper has 7 stars and the alignment is more difficult, in the South we have only 5 stars with which we make the connection. See the result in this Diagram:

In this practice, I prefer to connect the alignment of the glands with the love from the heart, and use the skull's bone as a compass that is going to guide the energy connecting it with the energy of the stars.

However, if we wish to go further in the relation of the bones in the skull with the Southern Cross stars, we could say that the fire from the heart, after the reversion of the elements Water & Fire, becomes the Sacred Fire of the universe. The fire energy in its return path to the Tao, fused by the heat of the love from the heart (fire of the post-heaven), unites and gets empty - leaving through the coronary (fire of the pre-heaven, Sacred Fire).

The points of the bones would be:
1 - Occipital Bone - Fire element
2 - Frontal Bone - Water element
3 - Right Spheroid Bone - Wood element
4 - Left Spheroid Bone - Metal element
5 - Unnamed star - Crown - dividing limit between the two brain hemispheres - the Universal Sacred Fire- Earth and Sky united

Development of the process:
Practice - Fusion of the 5 Elements - At this level, the fusion of the Wood & Fire elements and the Metal & Water elements on earth (cauldron), would result in two elements - only Water & Fire.

Practice - Lesser and Great Kan&Li - Here these elements mate and form the spiritual body.

Practice - Greatest Kan&Li - Finally, these two more subtle elements definitely mate, generating the Universal Fire (the Unconditional Love), the compassion, the only frequency that can take us back to the natural - to the Tao.